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5 things to do in Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month has been commenced and around 1.6 billion Muslims around the biosphere will observe it. During the holy month, Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk with delight and satisfaction. This year Muslims will observe fast in one of the most challenging periods but with our faith in Allah, we will standby it and will overcome it. So 5 things to do in Ramadan are I will tell

The month of Ramadan is giving us yet an additional chance to look for blessings from the one Almighty and to request for mercy from Allah. It benefits us to progress our lives towards the true trail. Each one of us can improve our selves and practice a singular design to gain advantage of this month and earn some extra grace from Almighty.

Here are 5 things which every Muslim should do in the holy month of Ramadan:

Recitation of the Holy Quran:

Most of the period in our everyday lives we are time and again very busy and don’t look over the importance of the Holy Quran. Ramadan gives us a perfect opportunity to recite it every day. For every letter, you recite we are awarded by the Almighty. 

Recitation of the Holy Quran:
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Perform Namaz (5 things to do in Ramadan):

Namaz is one of the pillars of Islam and it is offered 5 times a day to thank Allah for his blessings and seek forgiveness. It is always during this quiet time you feel close to Allah. It also helps us to upsurge the reminiscence of Almighty Allah.

Charity (5 things to do in Ramadan):

Apart from the obligatory Zakat, every Muslim is encouraged to give charity to those who need it the most. The present-day pandemic has put a break over daily earnings among the wide populace of people. They are having nothing to eat most of the time. We should remember these people and offer them a helping hand without revealing it to anyone.

Offer a helping hand to people around you (5 things to do in Ramadan):

Offering cash is not the only possibility to comfort someone around you. One should always help the ladies of the family and offer a helping hand especially in times of Suhoor and Iftar in this scorching summer. The satisfaction and happiness after helping someone in this holy month will be inexpressible.

Offer a helping hand to people around you (5 things to do in Ramadan):

Avoid evil actions (5 things to do in Ramadan):

The foremost thing in this holy month of Ramadan is to avoid evil actions which can upset someone. Keep your focus toward deeds that will benefit you in the life hereafter. Try to practice moral deeds after Ramadan too.

The holy month of Ramadan comes once in a year and every Muslim should benefit themselves because there is no certainty of life. Make the most of this Ramadan and let us know about your daily routine in Ramadan. We all should pray that this pandemic Corona Virus goes away and lives become safe.

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