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5 Tips To Stay Fit In Lockdown

We know that the world is facing coronavirus due to which everything is almost under lockdown. You cannot go outside in a park or jogging track for exercise. So it is a big question, how to keep your weight under control during COVID-19 lockdown days. As a student of food science, I can give you 5 tips to stay fit in lockdown.

Eat properly and avoid overeating:

5 tips to stay fit in lockdown Eat a balance diet

Unfortunately , people start eating more than normal intake when they are free .This habit become the main cause of weight gaining, and once you gain weight it becomes very hard to loss it .It is a famous saying “prevention is better than cure”, same is the case with the weight .Try to keep it in normal range and avoid over eating .Then a question arises in mind that how we can manage our eating habits. For it calculate your daily calories according to your life style and then eat according to it .Use small sizes plates ,small sizes plates means cutting down a portion of food which could be extra than your daily body needs .

Drink plenty of water:

Human body comprises of 70% of water .A human can live much longer without food than without water . Water also  play an important role in maintaining and losing of  your weight .why drinking water is so much important ? because it gives you hydration and make you feel full , in this way you can prevents yourself from over eating. Water plays a major role in process of metabolism and enhance the digestion .It also remove the unwanted calories from the body .Health experts commonly recommend drinking of 8 glasses of water a day, which is equals to almost 2 liters.

5 tips to stay fit in lockdown Drink water

Take more protein and less carbs:

Protein is very important when it comes to weight loss or weight management. Why protein is important? because it makes you feel full and reduce appetite. Protein is present in almost all  animal foods like chicken ,mutton, beef, fish, eggs .it is also present in cereal, grains  .

On the other hand when we talk about carbohydrates, these play their role in gaining weight when take more than required quantities .carbohydrates are present in many fruits, vegetables, grains, beans ,peas, legumes etc .So avoid the more intake of carbs if you want to keep your weight under control.

Avoid carbonated soft drinks:

Carbonated soft drinks are almost the favorite of every second person, but If you are weight conscious then stop, these drinks are not for you. Carbonated drinks are full of sugar and sugar always play part in gaining weight. So avoid these drinks and make yourself depend on water and fresh fruit juices.

Do exercise at home:

Nothing is better than exercise when we talk about weight management or fitness. But when the parks, gyms are closed, where you can do exercise. Home is the best option. Select a room where you can do simple exercises like pushups, you can walk for thirty minutes in your home tv lounge or you can use stairs. This will definitely help you keep yourself fit during COVID19 lockdown days.

5 tips to stay fit in lockdown exercise at home

So these were my 5 tips to stay fit in lockdown.

Muhammad Kaleem
Article and academic writer Food science student,GC university Faisalabad



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