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Asteroid On The News

Asteroids are no good news because when they come they bring damage. The news of an asteroid hitting the earth has been around the corner. News is reliable because it is from NASA.

James O’Donoghue(Planetary Scientist) ensures everyone that it is true. But none of us need to take stress because we will be safe. This asteroid is assumed to pass by earth in late days of April 2020, i.e 28th or 29th of April. Yes, you read it write it will pass by and we all will be safe.

What is an asteroid?


I know many of you do not know what is an asteroid. Do not worry, I got all the things you need to know about an asteroid.

For now, you need to know these are mini planets, that revolve around the sun in the Solar System. And when I say sun it should tell you that they are near Jupiter and mars. Asteroids can be found near the Asteroid belt that is near mars.

Are there types of asteroids?

There are also types in asteroids. So, 3 types are :

  1. Chondrite
  2. Stony
  3. Metallic

The Confirmation About Asteroid Passing:

Asteroid 52768 (1998 OR2), this is why the hype is there. 2500 m wide is this asteroid, and if it hits any planet it will have a great impact. But according to NASA, it is around millions of Km away from the Earth’s orbit, so we do not need to worry about it.

What Could Have Happened If Asteroid Hits The Earth:

First of all, it will not hit the earth. So everyone can relax and do not worry about it. There could be Climate changes around the globe as the asteroid passes by. At this moment you all can relax and for sure that nothing will happen.

Focus On Pandemic:

At the moment we do not need to worry about it at all. All, we need to do is focus on the Corona Pandemic disease. This pandemic has hit us very hard and humanity is shattered in us all, we all are now caring for ourselves. We also need to think about others in this situation. Also, we need to pass a good time. So here are some tips for remaining healthy in quarantine and here are some ideas for passing quality time in quarantine.

Clear The Misconception Of Asteroid:

As you all now know that, there are rumors of an asteroid hitting the earth. So, it is your duty to share this with your friends and family and also the loved ones.

I hope you loved reading it here. Please Subscribe to our newsletter. Till the next news, Take care of yourself. We wish you a happy and safe quarantine.

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