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COLORS In Our Life

Colors are playing a vital role in our life. Can you think of your life without any color? Of course, you will say a big wide No. We can’t deny the fact that in between the colors and we, have an emotional link. We have a wide range of idioms that shows the effect of each color on our mood. Colors are the primary mode of our vision that helps us in reading the world. Colors bring the order in our life like, we follow the traffic light signal. An artist uses vibrant colors to open our minds towards nature and helps us to think beyond the expectations. Colors have the ability to change our moods, reduce or increase the tension or gives you positive or negative associations.

COLORS And Their Meanings

As we all know that our mind responds back if we think about any object or talk about it. If we think about a banana, then we make a picture of a yellow banana in our mind. A pink banana may sound weird or feel like some unusual visualization. As we all know that there are many colors in this world but few colors are very important that helps in your daily life.


Red color gives the impression of passion, fire, energy, and danger. When we need to highlight something really important we use red color. On one side it looks like an alert and we are associating it with fire but, on the other side, it also gives the impression of sexuality, love, and passion. It is the lively color that shows power and strength.


Now this color gives the impression of youthful, creative and fresh. While thinking of this color we instantly associate it with oranges (fruit) which is rich in vitamin C and makes orange feel fresh and energetic. Orange is not the color for everyone but for those who are energetic, youthful, creative and adventurous. Most of the Artists use this color flawlessly as they are creative according to their professions. It has to be avoided by serious brands, traditional and luxury lovers.


Yellow is the color that indicates the quality of being cheerful, playful, lively and optimistic. It is the most visible color that can be seen from a distance. Who doesn’t want it more in their life? As it is the most friendly and cheerful color. Intellect and mental clarity can also be associated with yellow color.


We all know that green color has the impact of nature. As we think about the green color, we automatically think about the natural beauty that we had experienced. In an instant, we think about the plains, trees, and hills. It is commonly knowns as the color of nature, prestige and wealth. It is also known for finance and wealth. There is a saying that, the color of money. People who choose the lighter shade of green indicates vitality and growth. But those who choose darker shade represents the abundance and prestige.


Now, this color has versatile qualities. It is the color that leads towards the calmness and cooling effects. It also leads you towards the sadness and depression because some people use to say it in an emotional sense that it is all ‘blue’. Its calmness and harmonious qualities are associated with the sky and sea. Just like green, choose your blue shade wisely. The lighter shade of blue gives the impression of coolness, while darker shade gives you the impression of deep thoughts or depression.


This color is famous because of its royalty and majesty. It also shows the spirituality and mysterious personality. Its darker shades show the luxury and its lighter shade is quite feminine and sentimental. Purple is not the color for everyone, it separates you from the others because of its royalties and majestic impressions.


The most sophisticated and powerful color. It also shows luxury and sorrowful. This color that can’t be fooled. It is also a sign of death and evilness. No other color can effect this color. It stands confidently and with rising of the head. Black is bold and classic. It gains the attraction more than any color. A person who chooses this color shows confidence and boldness.

There are many other colors with different qualities and have a non-neglected influence. Pink is the color that is considered as girlish color. But also it indicates romance and sentiments. Whereas, brown is the color for those who are simple and honest. White color is the sign of sincerity, purity, and innocence. It is used as the perfectionist that is without any flaws.
As we all know that colors are life. So choose the color wisely for yourself. Wearing any color or using it in any business deal may show the mood and quality of you or your product.

Colors are blessings that we have. It leaves a huge impact on our mood and emotions. At least we should give a try to choose the color and see the impact of it in our daily life. We will surely gain a positive impact by choosing the colors that we want to be like.

“I prefer to living in color”
David Hockney

Taniya Sufyan
A creative writer that starts writing with the flow of creativity. I am super active as i love sports. Reaading is a hobby which makes me a good writer. I have seen things and read some masterpieces.


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