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Convalescent Plasma Donation For COVID-19

COVID-19 shows up like the biggest health challenge. Doctors and healthcare professionals are providing extra-ordinary care to all patients around the world. We know that the vaccine for COVID-19 is still not available and our professionals are working on different drugs and vaccines to get solutions for COVID-19. It is expected that they will launch the vaccine in 0ctober 2020. 

Treatment of Coronavirus

There is only one treatment to get the cure for this COVID-19. Plasma donation for COVID-19 is the only solution up till now. Hundreds of people get cure by plasma donation in China in 2019. Researches also explore the use of Convalescent Plasma (CP) which was collected from the people who got recovered from COVID-19. This CP is the only way to help people in recovery from COVID-19.

How Convalescent Plasma (CP) Collected?

Convalescent Plasma Donation

Convalescent Plasma (CP) is the biggest source of antibodies. CP has antibodies that have the ability to attack back to the virus. Antibodies are proteins that may fight with viruses. The research is collecting Convalescent plasma from the people who got totally cure for COVID-19 safely. Convalescent Plasma donation for COVID-19 is taking place through a plasma-pheresis procedure in which plasma is separated from the blood. It is a process like blood donation. In Pakistan, different hospitals are collecting CP for patients like Aga Khan Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, and Liaquat National Hospital.

Donation of Convalescent Plasma in Pakistan:  A help or A Filthy Business?

CP donation

According to Doctors, Convalescent Plasma is the smartest way to fight against this COVID-19. When we get the vaccine, it will boost your immune system to create antibodies in your body to get the cure of this virus. But now the best way is CP donation. Hospitals and our Researches are consistently asking for Convalescent Plasma for several patients.

But here comes the most unbelievable fact about people who got cure by COVID-19. In Pakistan, people are selling there Convalescent Plasma (CP) in 1 to 10 lac. They don’t care for the person if he is dying or not. They are just looking forward to money. This is a horrible act by people, they make it as a business. They are far away from humanity.

Different people from different cities are constantly asking for help on social media like Facebook and Twitter. All they want is a CP donor. Those people are asking for help just because their loved ones are hanging somewhere in between death or life.

I wanted to spread my words for those Pakistanis who are really into such kind of business. Please don’t make it a business, because someone is waiting for humanity. If you are out of money then ask for what you deserve. Even Islam teaches us against it. It teaches us for being merciful and humble. I request you all to show some humanity and visit your nearest hospital for Convalescent Plasma Donation. May ALLAH bless you with a reward in the day of judgment.

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