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Lockdown In World

The story begins when the name of the coronavirus highlighted in Wuhan, China. Rapidly Coronavirus was spread in the whole of China. Many people died and thousands of them got infected. Everyone around the globe keeps their eyes on updated news from China. People were serving and crying for their loved ones, but no one realized what’s going to happen with themselves. Before coronavirus recovered in China, this virus started to travel to other countries as well through people who were traveling from China to other countries or to their hometown. And then Lockdown In World took place.

Coronavirus Spreads

We were watching that after China, the bordered countries of China started affected. Sweden, Africa, America, Pakistan, and all the countries around the globe start affected. A small amount of people who got affected turns to a huge community. Because of the spreading of Coronavirus, the governments of most countries shuttled down their countries. There is no vaccine for this virus, so they have to shut everything down. America, UK, China, and all the other countries are still working on vaccines of recovering the coronavirus, hoping for the best that they will get success. People are getting scared day by day because of the death rate around the world. It’s a hard time for people and they are scared for their families as well.

Lockdown results in Supply Shortage

Lockdown In World
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Many countries are out of stock for the N-95 mask (even the normal masks) and gloves as well as hand sanitizers. These are the primary precautions that can be used to save yourselves and unfortunately, we are out of it. As per government announcements, we all are locked in our own houses and saving ourselves from this virus. According to the current situation, only China is the country that gets over it and now fully recovered. And other countries are still fighting against Coronavirus.

Coronavirus And Lockdown

We are in our houses because of the lockdown. Keeping the social distance and saving the lives of one another. After locking in, do you realize what happened and still happening? Let me tell you its effects.

  • We are at our home 24/7 with our family. Spending time and sharing our thoughts. But before lockdown, we didn’t get time to even say hello to our family and we always look forward to some time to spend with family. Maybe you also faced some small fights for not giving enough time to your family or children. We are now sitting together and recalling our old-time and also taking care of each other.
  • I also saw many men that are helping their wives in the kitchen and making food. They also help them in other house shores. They are realizing how hard it is to manage the whole house.
  • Some people are helping others by delivering food and other groceries. It’s the best deed they ever did for so long. And now they are looking forward to seeing if any of their relatives or neighbors need any kind of help.
  • Some people who cant help others by spending money are joining the groups who have funds but can’t deliver because of a lack of staff. And these small NGOs or groups are sending the food to the ones who are really needy. They are doing there work in their own way. Sending enough food to needy people late at night that they don’t feel ashamed of taking it in front of any relatives or neighbors.
  • Similarly, our doctors are spending their day and night in helping those patients. Some of OPD’s doctors are helping the families on a phone call. Our young doctors are really working hard and spending more than 48 hours in a go. A few days ago, I saw a viral video on Facebook in which doctors were dancing in front of corona patients, just to entertain them and the patients were smiling. That is something worthy.

Lockdown in World (UNITE)

The main thing is to spend quality time with family and keep yourself connected to your friends and relatives through a phone call. If you want to feel real happiness then don’t hesitate and help others. Lockdown is for our safety and it is the best solution to fight against coronavirus. So it is for everyone, the lockdown in world. Stay hope. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Lockdown in World (UNITE)

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