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Digital Revolution Bashing The Doors Out

(Digital Rovolution) Population growth in the world is rising at record rates. The trend is most apparent across the globe, which has the fastest-growing middle class. It rose next to India, Canada, and Africa. Urbanization is also becoming increasingly widespread, as we grow older as a result of better medical knowledge and healthier living. Pakistani’s are also living in a more troubling political world than ever with rapid fluctuations that completely change the conditions. In addition, the professions of the future will look completely different, as a result of the digital revolution.

Digitization And Digital Revolution:

Digitization has exploded in recent years. With new digital phenomena like robots, automation and artificial intelligence come completely new conditions for us people. The companies that will succeed in the future are those who want to contribute to technological change. And also invest in digitalization. At the same time, digitization does not only make positive aspects. It is important to remember that there is always a backside.

We are at the forefront of technology and in Pakistan, we have a lot to be proud of. But it is important not to miss the English concept of disruptive. Which means that the market conditions change from the ground up as a result of digitization. This means that our way of working and living will change from scratch. There are many who are positive about changes in theory, but when it comes to self, many oppose digitization. However, the activities that do not dare or dare take the step and slowly become risky to disappear.

The digitization means that we will have a completely new labor market with completely new living conditions. An Oxford study shows that all 47 percent of all jobs will disappear or look completely different in the future.

The Dawn Of Era :

New professions emerge with the digitization. In the future, children will educate themselves on jobs that are not yet available. They will work on companies that have not yet begun. Not even medical education is safe, now engineers are working to learn what is written about man. In a single second, not seven years as medical education takes.

Who is sure about such a development in the future? Pakistan’s IT industry must take responsibility and we cannot be blue-eyed. Above all robots and artificial intelligence will put a lot of attention. We should not underestimate that we humans need something sensible to do, otherwise risk destructive traits will take over. It’s not just about a change of technology, but also about how to live and survive. Ahead in the future among the intense competition.

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