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Fitness Training and Teens | The Perfect Guide

In this era(Fitness Training and Teens), young ones don’t find them comfortable with resistive physical tasks. It is because they’ve merged themselves with electronic media, that they have gone to addicted level and don’t really find themselves compatible with physical fitness. It is a very important thing to note that teenagers are the best time period for stamina building and muscle growth. In many developed countries, there is a lot of sports complex and also fitness classes in their schools to help better the growth of young students. In developing countries, there is no proper system for physical training. And as a result, boys become lethargic, chubby, and more prone to physical injuries.

So, in order to get a clear mind for teen fitness, teens’ fitness programs and much of the aspects related to training will be discussed below. Along with it, we’ll have a discussion on problems emerging due to inappropriate form. Following are the topics which will be discussed in the lower part: 

• Fitness 

• Importance of Physical Fitness 

• Physical Exercises and Height problem 

• Fitness Training at various ages 

• 5 Basic Fitness Exercises 

• Diet 

• Basic modes of Physical Fitness: 

1. Bodybuilding

2. Calisthenics 

• Precautionary measures 

• Conclusion


Fitness Training and Teens:

In very general terms, Fitness refers to a healthy and well-managed body with much energy to do daily activities without being tired. It’s not just the body, but having a sound mind with a good focus is also a criterion for being fit. Sports usually offer a platform to maintain your health standards. But being fit also requires a well-shaped physique with a little or no fat. In this scenario, we need workouts for our body to mold it. 

Now, one question comes in mind, how much fit I am? A simple answer is that, it depends upon your stamina. After doing an aerobic exercise, the time your body takes is actually the measure of fitness. The earlier your breathing gets normal, the fitter you are and vice versa. Having appropriate strength to do basic exercises in teenage, one can also go for martial arts or gymnastics. Though, most people learn these arts from childhood but these can be learnt even if you go for them after 18, fact is it would be a bit difficult.

Importance of Physical Fitness

There are a lot more benefits of working out for about half an hour for a 15-17 years old guy. Some of these benefits to teens, based on experts’ opinion are: 

• These exercises increase bone stiffness and muscle endurance. 

• Help increase growth rate. 

• Help increase focus in everyday life. 

• Make young ones active in daily life routine. 

• Doing resistive exercises build strength in them. 

• These exercises induce self-esteem in growing being. 

• Teens doing these exercises get their bones dense. 

• They also significantly reduce the risk of sports injuries.

Physical Exercises And Height Problem

Fitness Training and Teens:

The most frequently asked question is what if physical fitness training stops the height or growth of a teenager? (Fitness Training and Teens)They have got this insecurity that doing exercises may cause hindrance in teen’s height. But, there is no scientific research or any expert view to second it. Because, height growth is a genetic problem, and it depends upon number of other factors like hormones, nutrition and environment, so it is meaningless to say that fitness exercises are responsible for lower height. This myth came into fitness circles because some younger boys tried to lift heavy weights and ended up with fractured arms. That’s why; there is no height issue in doing gym workouts, and no muscle pain or bone fracture when one is working out under supervision. Contrary to it, it is helpful in muscle growth and ultimately increases height. 

Fitness Training For Various Ages

Fitness Training For Various Ages

Interestingly, we can find such kids who have a muscular body and a lot of strength and stamina, much better than an adult. Ryusei Imai is a Japanese kid, who started without equipment workouts at home and followed an extreme plan. At the age of 7, he was able to do very difficult workouts, like the planche, handstand, push-ups on thumbs, etc., which are totally extreme for a fully grown-up adult. He did all this to fulfill his dream of becoming like his ideal Bruce Lee

Obviously, not every child can do this. So here’s what should be done for different ages: 


At this age, children should be active for whole time. Parents should make them join different sports teams like soccer or basketball. It will be helpful for their maintained weight during growth and also, it’s a better chance to get them familiar with these sports at this level to make them a confident sportsman in future. 


At this age, children should be made familiar with physical stress. They should be made to move on early morning jog, and should be encouraged to do basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and squats. Obviously, they would not be able to make it, but they will get an idea of how to do these movements, and will get a feeling of being persistent to do hard tasks. 


This is a perfect age for starting training. Since this is the growing age of a teen, so providing physical resistance to muscles will shape his body in a muscular physique. Moreover, it is important to do work out for almost an hour for maintaining weight and to avoid diabetes and blood pressure.

5 Basic Fitness Exercises: 

There are some guys who are totally unaware of their physical health. When some of them try to start for it they don’t know what to do. Mostly, they go for gyms and try to start lifting heavyweights. With no basic strength, either they find it too difficult or get some injury, and are left in the middle of nowhere. So, here are 5 basic workouts for teenagers to be started up with at home. These exercises must be mastered to get yourself compatible with gym exercises: 

1. Running


Running is an aerobic exercise demanding stamina. The more stamina you have, the better runner you are. When at first you start running, you will be heavily breathing after 100-200 meters. But, the practice can make it a whole different thing. Imagine the marathon runners; they have practiced making their stamina have an upper grip on other runners. In the beginning, try to run on softer surfaces. 


• Running is a full body exercise. 

• It’s a cardio-exercise so best way to maintain cardio vascular health. 

• It burns calories and builds strength. 

• A great method to reduce fat with just a 15-30 minutes running every day. 

• Since, we have to bear our weight, so it help improves muscle and joints strength.

2. Push-ups

Fitness Training and Teens:

Push-ups require arm strength, or better to say that push-ups are the best way to build arm strength. It is important for chest and wings as well. Here’s how important is this exercise. 


• This exercise strengthens triceps, chest and wing muscles (directly below the armpit). 

• The best exercise for fast and effective strength building of core and upper body. 

• It can be performed with a lot of variations, to focus on different muscle groups. 

• Also considered as the exercise for naturally increasing the testosterone level.

3. Sit-ups


Remember, most of the exercises demand a resistance bearing core. For this purposes, your core must be conditioned. 


A few benefits of sit-ups are given below: 

• They increase range of motion of body. 

• They help improve posture. 

• Reduce injury risks to lower back 

• Improve mass to get toned abs

4. Squats


Thigh and hip muscles have most mass, than any other muscle in our body. Squats are the basic exercise to keep your gluteus active and toned. 


Here are a few benefits of squats: 

• It increase muscle mass, improving skinny legs. 

• It conditions calves, gluteus and hamstrings as well. 

• A better choice to improve strength for sprinting

• Reduces the risk of knees and hip injuries. 

• Improves density of bones in our hip and spine.

5. Pull-ups


Pull-ups are a great choice for back conditioning. Although it is a bit difficult to master in the beginning, once you get enough strength to do it properly, it will be a great help. 


• It strengthens the back muscles, shoulders, biceps and forearms. 

• It’s a great resistive exercise, so improves bone strength as well. 

• It also improves your gripping.

Diet (Fitness Training and Teens)


The most important factor in your training is taking considerable amount of diet with high minerals, vitamins and proteins. For this purpose, you must have a timetable for eating. According to a research, only vegetable smoothies can increase the everyday performance of a teenager and help shape the body as well. So, vegetables and fruits must be used in daily intake. Milk is necessary in fitness programs.

Basic Modes of Physical Fitness

In fitness circles, there are many styles to be followed, but here are the two very fundamental modes of work outs to be started up with, these exercises must be started for teens over 13 to bear the stress level. These two modes are: 

• Bodybuilding 

• Calisthenics 

A little detail of both these modes is given below: 

1. Bodybuilding: 


Bodybuilding mainly includes weightlifting and using dumbbells and rods to gain mass and to shape the focused body part. The only way to do it is to go for gym, or bring those weights and other stuff at home. 

A few important benefits are given below: 


• Bodybuilding removes excess fat, from unnecessary body parts. 

• Burns a lot of calories, thus causing hindrance for fat to be deposited. 

• Focuses more on muscular size. 

• Bodybuilding provides better coordination among body parts. 

• Also increase bone strength. 


• It puts unnecessary stress on muscle tissues, which may lead to severe injuries. 

• Lifting more than bearable level of weight may cause bone fracture.

2. Calisthenics: 


Calisthenics include bodyweight exercises. In calisthenics, you use your body as dumbbells and weights. It basically follows the rules to defy gravity for better physique. 


• Improves flexibility, muscular growth and required form for exercises. 

• Focuses more on physical strength

• Since, in calisthenics movements one has to do exercises against gravity, so it produces resistivity in body thus making a good strength for physical workouts. 

• Most of the times, it doesn’t require any equipment. 

• Improves your bone density. 

• It is a basic step on the way to develop superhuman strength. 


• It doesn’t focus on size of muscles 

• It’s very hard to do its progressions. 

Which one should be done? 

My personal experience and al lot of experts favor the calisthenics. Bodybuilding focuses more on a ripped body, but calisthenics can do it in a better way. Because for doing its progressions one has to be fully ripped so even a low amount of fat can cause hindrance in their progression to learn a new move. When we’ve got one similar benefit, that we can get a muscular body, now we should go for other benefits of calisthenics. Bodybuilding also increases strength but a bodybuilder cannot do exercises like the planche, handstand, and human flag. It shows that calisthenics provides an extreme amount of strength. So, calisthenics must be added in the teens fitness programs. Moreover, it offers a wide range of impressive movements and that is the factor for which most people go for calisthenics. It provides the utmost balance and body control in real words.

Precautionary measures (Fitness Training and Teens:)

When most teenagers start physical training, they don’t get a supervisor to tell them what “should” be done and what “must” not be. So, here are few things you must keep in mind while doing exercises: 

• Try not to lift the weights you can’t bear, it may give you an injury. And if you can bear it, then such frequent repetitions over time may lead you to other diseases, sometimes, it may be piles. 

• Don’t go beyond the fatigue, it will deeply damage your muscles. 

• Give a rest to your body during your fitness program. 

• Sometimes, lifting an intense weight may lead you to the risk of heart injury. 

• For teens, it should be very clear that fitness and toned body are unable to be achieved over night. They must be consistent doing their workouts, gradually improving their strength. So to focus on workouts for teenagers to gain muscle mass doesn’t make sense. 

• A most important factor, teens and adults as well, they must not go for supplements. Since, it is the growth for young ones, they must be patient for getting big muscles. Instead of going for supplements, it is very important to get better with your nutrition intake of daily basis. Must use milk, fruits, meat and vegetables in your daily intake.

Conclusion (Fitness Training and Teen)

After all this discussion, I’ll say that what you need to do is to have a start, you’ll get addicted as soon as you’ll observe your improvement. In this pandemic condition, gyms might get opened but it is obvious that in future you are going to require mobile apps for maintaining your workout routines. 

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  1. It is a brilliant article for Youngsters because now-a-days,the young ones are more interested to be a celebrity on social media than to pay heed on their physical fitness.That’s a great creative way to inspire them!At the end,it is a good creative work,MashAllah!Keep it up!


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