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4 Futuristic Technologies That Will Be Part Of Our Everyday Lives By 2030

We have already accomplished in making possible a lot of inventions like wireless cellular transmission, machines used in industries, vehicles, aircraft, and the list goes on which the human race couldn’t even comprehend of once. These inventions are not only fascinating and astounding but also make our daily lives easier and more efficient. Now, with the help of all this convenient technology from the past and present, we are building and moving forward faster than ever to create even better stuff. The pace of progress has also greatly improved and now it takes much less amount of time and effort to develop something new than it took in the past. The experience of technology has completely changed in just a matter of one decade. And if the pace of progress stays put, we will definitely see some futuristic technologies come to our routine lives by the year 2030.

Augmented Reality

Most of you must know what AR is by now, but just to give an idea. AR is a technology that generates a real-world simulation around you according to your will. The Snapchat filters you use are a great example of AR. But AR is more than just playing around with a dog filter on your face. It can be used in education, manufacturing, and a whole lot of other things. Of course, all of this is not possible with the AR that we have today. But, big tech like Google, Apple, and others are inclined towards improving the AR tech.

Apple is also rumored to launch an AR-based tech ‘Apple glass‘ in the year 2021. In research carried out by a private organization working in the US. It was predicted that AR will become a customary part of our daily lives somewhere in the next five years. Once taken to its potential, AR will create possibilities that are beyond our imagination today.

Domestic Robots (Futuristic Technologies)

Futuristic Technologies)

Robotic vacuum cleaners are very common in many households these days. But RoboVacs should not be confused with full domestic robots. Domestic robots can do a lot more than what the RoboVacs are capable of like they can move stuff around the house. Do a full cleaning, and can be also used for education and other services as well. So, a domestic robot is much more profound than a traditional RoboVac. But the domestic robots are still in their initial development phase. Manufacturers like Samsung and LG are working on domestic robots. It is a big challenge for the manufacturers to make domestic robots affordable so they can become a part of every household. Experts are saying that it will take a lot of time and effort to make domestic robots commonly available. But still, it can all be made possible before 2030.

Internet Of Things (Futuristic Technologies)

In the internet of things or as I like to call it ‘Gadgets come to life’ because of the behavior that the gadgets working under the influence of IoT persuade. But if I shut my Luddite side for a moment, then the responsive and interactive nature of all the IoT devices connected together starts to give a sense of only two words ‘comfort’ and ‘convenience’. From smart homes to smart societies, IoT devices only speak of convenience and comfort.
Even though IoT is still in its infancy stage. But few homes in the US and some other countries are already converted into smart homes. These smart homes are although not as ‘intelligent’ as the smart homes that are predicted for the future by IoT experts. But they are a step in the right direction.
As the prices of IoT devices are getting lower due to the hardware getting cheaper. Almost every home expects to have a slice of IoT before we enter the next decade.

Video by Pashminu Mansukhani from Pixabay

Autonomous Vehicles

For the past few decades, driverless vehicles have been a mere concept of Science fiction. But in 2012, the first fully autonomous vehicle was tested in a ghost town, the experiment turned out to be a success. But since the vehicle was tested on empty streets of a ghost town and not on a normally functioning road. The manufacturers were hesitant to make autonomous vehicles available for the public without further trials. Then, in 2014, Tesla launched the first car with the feature of semi self-driving. And they decided to call the feature ‘Autopilot’ in their car.
Fast forward to 2020, Tesla’s autopilot has significantly become smarter. And many others are also on the verge of launching their semi self-driving cars. Manufacturers like Tesla, Nissan, BMW, and many others have already started to work on fully autonomous vehicles. The manufacturers are also claiming to provide positive results in the next five years.

Futuristic Technologies

If the vehicle manufacturers succeed in proving their claim. Which they probably will, then we will start to see fully autonomous vehicles on roads in the next five years. From there, they will start to become common and will probably end up being a part of our routine lives.

All these technologies are insanely futuristic. And it is simply mind-blowing to see all of this tech slowly come to life and the fact that all this modern tech will likely be a part of our daily lives by 2030.

Ahmed Farooqui
A neophyte who is fascinated by big tech, bleeding edge tech and everything that comes in between.


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