Transgenders often shortened as Trans, are unisex people with no exclusive masculine and feminine traits. Some openly identify themselves as transgender whereas some go for surgery as part of their transition.

Limitations Or Bounding?

 In a world, we live transgender there are very few who will welcome them.  No one pays heed to the rights of their community. For them we have ignoring, sexually abusing and killing is for them. Playing and studying is not allowed to them. They just breathe in this world. From schools, healthcare, identification centers, workplaces, etc policies affecting them are advancing with each passing day. Their rights and emotions do not matter from the time they are born. They often make a living as beggars or sex workers.

Statistical Record :

At least 14 transgenders were murdered in 2014. The track was even higher in 2015. A survey managed by NTDS (National Transgender Discrimination Survey) found that 22 percent of a transgender who interacted with law enforcement agencies experienced bias-based harassment, 6 percent physical assault, 2 percent sexual assault and 20 percent reported having been denied equal service by police services. A misconception in which people relate to their community is that they have some mental illness, physical disability or they are committing a sin.

Survey Speaks :

 IPSOS (Institut de Publique Sondage d’Opinion Secteur) conducted a survey of 23 countries on six policies on the topic of transgender. A strong majority of people come out with support towards their rights and protection in which Argentina and Spain rank on top while Japan, Hungary, and Poland disagree with it. The perception of being tolerant towards them was strongest in Argentina, Canada, and Great Britain. The transgender community holds bravery in these countries.

Who we are?

The impartibility of this community varies to a great extent. From region to region, from confiding to everything to legalizing same-sex marriage to the death penalty, this world is winding around.  Notably, around 30 countries recognize their rights whereas 6 countries impose a death penalty on them. What is the world has come to? It’s high time to recognize them as humans. A simple shift towards them will bring autonomy to their gender and it will make the world a better place for them.

Tuba Khalid
22 years old, currently studying Doctor of Physical Therapy. My hobbies include scrolling through social debates happening around the world and then writing my opinion over it. To make a minor difference in this world is to make people realize certain things and i.e I love to write.


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