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Building Confidence: Hurdles can’t Stop People

There will be many things that become hurdles unfortunately but hurdles can’t stop people. I’m not aware of everything that doesn’t permit people to go forward or towards their destination? Why they are not supposed to do in spite of having skills? in my opinion confidence is the most lacking tool in shaping personalities. Some people are so good at everything, but their low confidence keeps them away from achievements and fulfilling their dreams.

Fears are always with them. They stop and move their steps backward always. I’ve seen many victims of it and for me, it’s always a fear to be judged and to be laughed at. not everyone goes with flaws most of the people lose their confidence when they are discouraged, they forget that hurdles can’t stop people. Isn’t this so sad? We all wake up every day with some new tasks but few of them are not accomplished because of our low confidence. Don’t we have to work on it? Yes, we should. Let’s help each other in building confidence that may help us for the rest of our lives. my steps might be different but it will be useful for building confidence.

Don’t think about others :

Become fearless these hurdles don’t stop people and should not bother you, empty your mind with the fear of being judged, because most of the people around you will be in the same boat, they must have hidden their fear of low confidence. You know nobody and nobody knows you that how long you’ve been going through this so it’s better to not think about other’s opinions just think about yourself as you’re a learner and you have to do struggle a lot to make you better. this should be the only thing that is prior and matters a lot.


Start socializing, talk to the people of every age because you must know hurdles can’t stop you, it should be your strength not weakness. try to observe and ask. Start interacting with the new people who hesitate to talk and become a conversation starter. Because when you speak first it makes you confident. You think before others and decide to speak first, people may consider you confident and bold. While speaking when you don’t stop, your words hold the flow and you keep ongoing. Others speak in between and then you answer spontaneously.


When you go out, don’t just watch and walk away, just because it’s not your concern. You should think and see things happening around when you don’t observe how will you be able to judge things? To speak fluently with no hesitation you must have correct observations and knowledge. It boosts up your confidence level. When you know you’re right or so close to the point you can easily speak. People speaking irrelevant things will never attract you, right? So avoid pointless conversation at such places like university and offices where your intelligence and speaking power is judged.

Take it easy :

When it’s not harming others take it easy, don’t overthink or overreact on unnecessary things, that can weaken your mind. This is your life nobody is going to blame you. You’re responsible for yourself don’t take things to the heart, if it doesn’t happen today, it will happen in the future. Don’t think too much and make yourself depressed, when you’re wrong and discouraged by someone don’t say it a failure. Try to move with the flow that keeps you calm and grooms you simultaneously. Burdening yourself makes you lose confidence because you remain confused and nervous about everything, you start to think a lot. Forget your failed attempts and move towards the path where you can start again. Every day brings a change, be the change & be you.

One better and confident person can help many, wouldn’t it be so good that nobody lacks confidence in the future. Hope this low confidence never become an obstacle in someone’s life and everyone must learn building confidence. Everyone has a right to be successful and conqueror. Confidence has no right to become a hurdle in someone’s success.

Never forget that you’re more powerful than your obstacles and hurdles can’t stop people.

Syeda Areeba
When you cope with the battles of life you gain power, confidence and courage to look forward, always help yourself to become able to help others, i'm passionate to learn and write, actually sincere with everything i do.



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