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All About The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet Of things

The fourth industrial revolution is one of the most discoursed subjects about the future. And no conversation about the fourth industrial revolution is complete without discussing the internet of things (IoT). Currently, more than 10 billion devices are connected to the IoT. And the number is expected to only increase with time. Looking at the current stats this bleeding-edge technology will expectedly take the industry by storm in the future. But, what is so great about the internet of things? And how will it take over the industry in the future?

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Primarily, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting things together through the internet. So that they can communicate with each other. Things that you thought could never be connected with the internet before. For instance, smartwatches, toasters, thermostats, vehicles, Smart TVs and lights, etc. These things after being connected can contact one another and even with the outside world. Cloud is used to store all the information gathered from the things that are connected. Even the thought of ‘things being able to communicate with each other’ sounds bizarre and unrealistic. But with the current generation AI, and inexpensive hardware costs, it has become pretty much possible. And is also contemporarily being used on a relatively small scale.

Internet Of things IOT
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How will we Benefit from the Internet Of Things?

From providing convenience to improving the health sector and beyond, IoT will improvise every single department. Imagine, if your alarm clock notified your coffee machine to start brewing coffee. And as soon as you set the alarm off. Or if your car informed your thermostat to start cooling the house as you are close by. And will soon arrive. Just imagine how much electricity would it save if the lights you forgot to turn off before leaving the house turned off by themselves.

The smartwatch you’re wearing messaged your location to the hospital as soon you got into a medical emergency. The devices will also export all the information about usage, durability, and maintenance of parts back to the cloud. This data collected in the cloud will be useful in improving and refining the products. Smart cities can also be developed through IoT, as the world’s population is growing every coming day. Smart cities will soon become a dire need.

Internet Of things IOT

Will the IoT result in Data Breach?

The IoT will definitely make our daily lives more convenient than what it is today. But will all this ease and comfort come at a cost? Will the privacy and security of the user be compromised? Well, hacking and malware software has been around for decades now. The IoT can become the worst-affected victim of these cyber malice. For instance, if someone gets access to a user’s anchor device. They can now get access to every device connected to it, including the computer and smartphone, etc.

Through this, they can get a hold of the user’s critical information such as account passwords and more. This information can be used against the user. But, with time the security and reliability of the IoT will improve. Just like when online banking was introduced back in the year 1999. People were reluctant to use it because of security issues. But, as time went and online banking was improvised and made more secure, people started using it relentlessly. This can also be the case with the IoT.

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What will be the Fate of the IoT in the Future?

Experts are calling the IoT a customary part of the future. ‘Impact of IoT will be $11trillion a year by 2025’ quoted Jordan Duffy during a TEDtalk. The projected net worth explains how effective the industry will get in just the next five years. And by the year 2030, expectedly, about 125 billion devices will be connected through the IoT. From the industries to our homes, the IoT will be introduced. And will undoubtedly be the start of a new era.

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