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iPhone 12 Leaks: Release, camera, price, and everything you want to know.

iPhone 12 line-up was expected to be launched in the second week of September 2020. As the release of the iPhone 11 in September 2019. Their traditional launch timeframe but a delay in this launch event might not be a surprise due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic. (iPhone 12 Leaks) Wall Street Journal also supports the claim by declaring that the mass production of the iPhone 12 had been delayed by one month. So we could expect a delay in the release of the new iPhone line-up 2020. Also backed by Ming-Chi Kuo, apple reliable analyst statement. These predictions gave us an idea the iPhone line-up launch might occur in October or November 2020. A report on Bloomberg (apple reliable source) that iPhone 12 will be launched just one week later. But debut in the fall timeframe in case Apple recovers its time loss.

iPhone 12 line-up would have four models. Two of them are the standard models of 5.4 and 6.1 inches with codes D52G and D53G respectively. The other two models are iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro max. With 6.1 and 6.7 inches with codes D53P and D54P respectively. These models are claimed by many sources including Ming-Chi Kuo, John Prosser, and Mac rumors.

iPhone 12 Leaks

iPhone 12 Leaks: Price

The price of the new iPhone line-up 2020 is expected to be cheaper than the iPhone 11. That starts from $699 for the standard model and $999 for iPhone 11 pro and $1099 for iPhone 11 Pro Max. Prices of iPhone 12 stated by John Prosser, an apple analyst are as following:

5.4 Inches$649
6.1 Inches$749
6.1 Inches (PRO)$999
6.7 Inches$1099

 We could expect the release of the iPhone 12 line-up with the same prices as predicted. Analyzing its previous track record and accurate predictions about iPhone SE.

iPhone 12 Leaks: Camera

The camera is the main element for iPhone fame. The iPhone 12 is going to have a 3D rear face camera with three lenses. And one LIDAR sensor in two model iPhone Pro. While the two standard models will only have 2 cameras with LED flash as stated by John Prosser. To improve the portrait shoots LIDAR sensor judges distance between the phone and object. To be shoot Problem with shaking hands while capturing pictures is solved by image stabilization technology. That will cause sensor-shift whenever the phone is moved hence stabilizing the picture. All these factors would enhance the performance of the camera.

Lidar Sensor

iPhone 12 Leaks: Display

OLED display is to be incorporated in iPhone 12 rather than the LCD display as in iphone11. The OLED display is deeper black and more expensive. Rumor is heard that it is 60-120Hz backed by Digitimes report.

Another important variation in iPhone is the reduction in notch sizes. It is expected to shrink the size of notch and bring it to ¼ of the screen currently it is ½ of the screen. A smaller notch is coming but to what extent the size would reduce it is not clear yet.

The rumor about the color is that it would be navy blue in Pro model.


iPhone will be taller and thinner in structure. The edges would be more square and flatter instead of roundly curved edges. It would be compact with smaller dimensions on the full screen. This is even smaller than iPhone SE.

Prosser suggested that standard iPhone models would have Almunium body while Pro models are going to have a stainless steel body.

Ming Chi Kuo reported a metal frame for iPhone 12.

These iPhone closely resemble to current generation of iPad pros, report by Bloomberg.

iPhone 12 Leaks

5G network

The most interesting feature of the iPhone 12 is its 5G network. Ming-Chi Kuo has also confirmed this rumor that iPhone 12 would be the first-ever 5G Apple’s device. This might wipe up the market of all other brands with 5G. The PRO models support up to 60GHz mmWave technology for the fastest speed while standard models only have 6GHz 5G speed. Content sharing will be faster by 802.11 WiFi which is supports by iPhone 12. These features have added up great value to the new line-up. Everything Apple Pro had reported that Apple is going to get the 5G chips by Qualcomm and Kuo April 2019 note suggests that Samsung is also going to supply 5G chips to Apple.


For the improvements in performance and power usage. A-series are updated to the A-14 processor from A-13.

The storage capacity of the iPhone 12 will increase greatly. The iPhone SE has 64GB capacity so for iPhone 12 is expected to have at least more than 64GB.128GB is suggested as baseline storage by Everything Apple Pro.

The Pro-versions of iPhone 12 have 6GB RAM but for standard models, RAM is 4GB which is currently found in iPhone 11.The rumor prevailing for iPhone 12 having a smaller connector.

The biometric security system is also on iPhone 12 will probably a face Id this is render by iupdate. This face id will also cause the screen orientation. The orientation will occur accordingly to the person position change. Although this feature is not iPhone 12 exclusive as also find in iOS14.

 John Prosser also says that if a person is wearing masks (as usually nowadays people wear) the face id will quickly jump to the passcode screen to enter.

Some of the reports like Mac rumor and Economic daily news are suggesting that iPhone 12 will have an under-display touch id. Mac rumor had reported it since May 2019 however it is still in doubt as some other sources expect this to happen later just like Ming-Chi Kuo stated that iPhone will feature both the Biometric systems face id and touch id together in 2021. So might these features together not be available to iPhone users in 2020 and they have to wait a bit for it.

These prototypes are from different reliable sources. Prototypes like 5G network, three cameras, and one LIDAR sensor in pro models, smaller notch, bezel, OLED display are the realistic expectations to have so far but what actual features are incorporate are still in doubt until its launch as. iPhone users are anxiously waiting for its new excitingly amazing line-up hoping that wait is no longer than the fall 2020 time-frame.

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