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Job Hunt During Lockdown

‘The global business market is in a big loss’. ‘Most companies are firing their employees’. ‘There will be no more job opportunities soon after the lockdown ends’. So time for Job Hunting.

These are some of the common threats appearing in your mind frequently. Are you scared of all these situations and consequences?

It is very much obvious that these are unexpected and challenging times. However, there are still some of the areas that need to be focused seriously regarding your career.

Below are some of the tips regarding job hunting during the lockdown

Upgrade Your Resume (Job Hunting)

Upgrade Your Resume Job Hunt

Are you struggling a lot to find a suitable job? What if your resume is lacking? This is the appropriate time for you to design and update your resume. Try to make it more interesting and effective. Identify those areas in which you have gained expertise during this lockdown and mention them. Why would any company hire you when they are terminating their senior employees. You can answer this question by presenting your resume in a unique and fascinating way. After all, a resume is the only medium that verbalizes your characteristics in front of the employers.

Find Out Who Is Still Hiring

During this free time in lockdown, you can utilize your energy in pondering over and looking for the company or organization which is least affected in this difficult time. Try to discover those professions which are still surviving and making profits. There are some of the products and services which are in high demand. For example medical centers, call centers, and customer service centers are always hiring people. However, some huge supermarkets, digital media platforms, and other online service portals are also providing opportunities.

Find Out Who Is Still Hiring Job Hunt
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Temporary Change Of Careers

Usually, most of the people think about changing careers when they are tired of searching for their field job for a longer time. This is the right time to think again about career-changing temporarily. Since it is obvious that there are no or very few chances to find your dream job in this pandemic situation. So it would be better to focus on those disciplines you wished to learn once in your lifetime. Surely, career change would be difficult for you at first. As soon as you find a platform through which you can enhance your skills, you would enjoy going ahead. Explore your hidden future there.

Keep In Touch with Your Professional Circle

Sometimes it sounds weird to contact your employer or other colleagues for no reason. Even then, keep them close to you by any means. For instance, you can send them gifts, best wishes or any photo of both of you via social media. You can use video calls sometimes so that you can share your expressions as well. As a matter of fact, expressions says a lot. You can also discuss your current ideas with them about your career. This will help you to seek advice regarding your concern from your friends or colleagues.

Keep In Touch with Your Professional Circle Job Hunt

Online Earning

Even if you are still facing difficulties and failures looking for a particular job. There are still several online platforms available at your doorstep. Earning through online platform is the fastest and most suitable opportunity at this time. Imagine yourself as a freelancer, blogger, vlogger, or a digital marketer. Or you might be doing online webinars, creating ad-sense, or becoming SEO expert. You don’t need to worry at all even if you are unaware of using these techniques. YouTube will make you professional if you seek to learn them. What you need is just motivation.

Reveal your secret features and grab your success without wasting your precious time. Good luck for a bright future ahead.

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  1. Abdul moiz you did it perfectly and you did beyond as per our hopes
    Motivational article
    Keep logged in with your innovations
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