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Learn to earn money in Pakistan in 2020[from home]

Learn to earn money in Pakistan is not that much different. Nothing will be new if we talk about lockdown around the globe. We all know that we are locked in our houses for one month or even more. People who well off have no worries regarding their expenses. But those who earn monthly and have a limited amount of money to serve are really feeling worried about what’s going to happen next. They earn a limited amount and didn’t get enough to save money. Here we are going to discuss online earning while sitting at your home in your comfort zone. There are many ways to earn money online which is easy to understand. All you need is an internet connection and laptop or computer or mobile phone and awareness of it. Let’s get started for Learn to earn money in Pakistan

Ways of Earning Online: Learn to earn money in Pakistan


learn to earn money in Pakistan online earning in Pakistan

Most students know this term of freelance for online earning in Pakistan. As a freelancer, a person is not committed to any specific employer. A freelancer is basically self-employed and they earn on their own. There are different types of online earning websites in Pakistan which help a freelancer to work on their website and earn safely.

You can simple learn a skill from free online earning courses in Pakistan.

Upwork and Fiverr are top on the list. All you need is to make a profile on it and provide them the payment system that you will use to get the money. People there will go throw your portfolio and if they will find you according to their demand then they will hire you and contact you for payment discussion. They will tell you about the work and time after that it’s up to you how reliable work you provide them at the given time. You can have a skill for online earning websites in Pakistan


learn to earn money in Pakistan online earning in pakistan

It is the easiest way of earning money. You need to write something interesting or you can write on trending topics and sell them to the websites. You can also write blogs on a celebrity or any news blog. But the main thing that you shouldn’t do is copy. You are not allowed to copy from any other website or blog. Create your own blog and sell it. You need Google Ad-sense on your blog and will start paying you in 4 to 5 months. people will see your blog and like it, you need to be patient. Also, there are many websites on which you can write your blogs like HubPages, Squidoo, and About.

Academic writing: Online earning in Pakistan

You know people from different countries hire people for their projects, assignments, and thesis to get them complete. They pay a good amount for academic writing. Freelance websites are the best option for searching for academic work. Usually, the USA, UK, and middle east students search for academic writers. Or they also give some specific topics to write an essay on it.

Data Entry (How To Earn Online During Lockdown)

This is also an easy way to learn to earn money in Pakistan. All it needs is time and typing speed. For data entry jobs you should know the basics of computer skills. On freelancers, you can find many jobs related to it. In this job, they may give you a PDF file and asks you to re-write it on WordPress. It’s best for those who can give excess time to their work.


Youtube learn to earn money in Pakistan online earning in pakistan

It is used for many reasons across the world. If you want to learn about something it is the best platform for you. You can also earn through it by making interesting videos. People share small recipe videos also which help them in earning. You can make your own channel and invite your family and friends to subscribe to it and like your videos. The more you get viewed and likes the more your video will go viral. In Pakistan, many people get benefits from it and they are earning well through it.

Selling products online (How To Earn Online During Lockdown)

You can also learn to earn money in Pakistan by selling any product online on social media. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular online selling platforms. Some of the brands offer you an online job to sell their products like cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing. You can go live on different pages that have most users. Then they will join your live session and will order the thing they like for themselves.


This is also another way of online earning in Pakistan. Many people on different websites of freelance hire proofreaders to proofread their articles or blogs. They also pay a good amount for it. Most of them give a whole book to you to read. It needs concentration and hard-working to do proofreading. However, it is the best source of earn money online in Pakistan without investment.

In Pakistan online earning is not a big deal if you are a hard worker. Many people got scams as well but you need the best guidance and successful platforms to avoid such scammers. Through these ways, you can earn money online while sitting at home. The more you will be loyal to your work the more you will earn. A good and reliable profile may help you to get a better job. You can mention your skills on your profile and can start your journey.

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