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Love is a mystery

Love is the fundamental reason for the survival of human beings for hundreds of thousands of years. We all love someone somewhere whether it’s in the form of platonic love, romantic love, or divine love. The purest form of love in this world is parental love and this is the only reason mankind ultimately love each other. The following are the reasons why love is a mystery to me.   

Love is a beautiful delusion

The force of love shuts down the logical part of our brain and takes control of our nerves. It’s okay to be crazy and illogical about love. Human beings are designed to love and to be loved. Whatever you achieve in your life but there comes a point in your life when the only thing you need is to be loved. The reason why I’m saying that love is a delusion is that we mistake love as something that is a whole in itself. We picture love in our minds as we see it in movies, seasons, and historical stories like Romeo and Juliet, Napoleon and Josephine, etc. Love is something that gives you a wave of eternal peace and makes you feel the real taste of life more closely. The one who has tasted love has tasted every emotion that has been created by nature so far. It doesn’t make any difference if you succeed in your love life or not, at least you’re the one who has lived the life to its fullest.

Love is a mystery

Love is an art

Indeed the best art comes after the practice of years. In the same way, you’ve got to practice love every moment, every day. The more you give yourself to this practice, the more soothing and pacifying it will become. Love is an activity, there is no such button that you just switch on and find yourself in love. 

Love is not what you feel but what you make others feel.

Love is a mystery
Love is a mystery

For example, you had an incredibly amazing day at work and on getting back home, you find your partner/lover in anxiety because he/she had an extremely draining and hectic day at work. You didn’t say yeah, yeah yeah! But first, let me tell you about my day rather you sat and listened to his/her awful day and you didn’t even say a word about your amazing day. This is why he/she fell in love with you. Love is a stream of actions that you do spontaneously for your loved ones. I can’t tell you the particular day or time when you make someone fall in love with you, it’s just the accumulation of all those minor things that you do for your loved ones.

Love leaves its mark

It stuck in my mind when I heard someone say that love always leaves a mark. The reality is that most of us don’t love well and it’s not because they don’t wanna love but because they don’t know what love really is. Love always leaves its trail on you, this might be in the form of a lesson, a behavior, or an attitude. The only thing you’ve got to do is extract positivity and consistency out of it.

          The scars of love are worth it. 

Every scar you get out of love directs you towards a better being. Love is a mystery.

Love gives you self-awareness

When you start finding love, you end up finding yourself. The relationships that you foster help you to know more about yourself, you become more confident and courageous when someone is always there to say ‘I love you, I got your back! You can do it’. The people and relationships you surround yourself with decide who you’re going to be in the future. There are some people out there that say you’re incomplete without love but I think that love just acts as a catalyst in the process of completing yourself.

The recipe of love

Love is a montage of passion, consistency, commitment, gratitude, intimacy, desire, trust, suffering, resentment, and hope. Love isn’t any emotion, it’s a choice, and emotions are the by-product of love. All the emotions that you feel when you’re in love are the reaction of your body towards it. Your body experiences many hormonal changes and tries to cope with these changes to keep you stable. It isn’t a bartering system where you love someone and in return, want to be loved the same way you do. Love people without expectations, your love may be in the form of a cappuccino that you make for your younger siblings while making yours, saying good morning to your loved one’s first before checking your phone or helping someone cross the road.

Love is a mystery indeed.

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