The 2019-2020 COVID pandemic reached Pakistan in the month of February, now with more than 4000 cases. And with the increasing number of cases, the Federal government has put an estimated value of 50,000 until 25 April 2020. The country has been put on lockdown and restriction on movement. Movement of people and goods has been applied to prevent the spread of this disease. So it is mandatory for people to maintain the diet in Quarantine. The ailment ranges from ordinary cold to severe respiratory infections. Common manifestations include cold, cough, fever, shortness of breath and respiratory distress. The only way to prevent its spread is to avoid people with respiratory symptoms, frequent hand washing and wear N-95 masks while traveling. Currently, there is no vaccine or cure available and thus we are a force to take solace in “Prevention is better than cure “.

Being tethered to our homes, so many of us can have perks of eating, family board games and cleaning our junk drawer. Good nutrition is crucial in times like these when the immune system needs to fight back. Limited access to fresh foods at grocery stores can lead to increase consumption of highly compressed nutrients. Which will be leading in the direction of a compromised healthy diet. In order to support healthy eating in the time of quarantine here are 5 ways to maintain a healthy diet.

Plan your meals:

In this time of uncertainty, it is normal to overeat. But one should always remember the consequences of junk and binge-eating. Therefore plan your meals in advance to avoid any stress, control hunger levels and meet your food requirement. 

Look at your Sugar levels: (Maintain Your Diet In Quarantine)

WHO recommends that ideally less than 5% of total energy intake for adults should come from free sugars. But that is not an excuse for consuming high sugar levels. If you are craving for something sweet your foremost option should be fruits or desserts with low sugar intake. Avoid the amount of sugar and honey in your beverages. Also, watch for your sugar levels regularly. 

maintain your diet in quarantine
keep balance

Watch for Fat intake: (Maintain Your Diet In Quarantine)

People who take fat in high consumption are always at risk of deadly diseases. To achieve this opt for different cooking options such as steaming, grilling, etc. Prefer foods from healthy sources which contain unsaturated fats such as fish and nuts. Read nutrition labels properly to ensure that hydrogenated oils are not on the list.

maintain your diet in quarantine
Do not hurt yourself

Stay Hydrated:

 Water is the cheapest and healthiest available drink around the globe. One should always consume a high amount of water. To keep themselves active especially people live in hotter regions such as our country. It is also an important factor to avoid any infection regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

Consumption of enough fiber:

Fiber intake contributes a healthy digestive system and offers a prolonged feeling of fullness which prevents from overeating. To enhance your meals ensure adequate fiber.

Increased time at home also presents new opportunities to cook healthy and looking for safer options to maintain a healthy diet.

maintain your diet in quarantine
Stay Healthy

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Tuba Khalid
22 years old, currently studying Doctor of Physical Therapy. My hobbies include scrolling through social debates happening around the world and then writing my opinion over it. To make a minor difference in this world is to make people realize certain things and i.e I love to write.



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