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Money Heist Insights: Details You Need To Know


Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama that is available on Netflix. Up till now, four seasons have been released. There is a total of thirty-one episodes. The drama revolves around a heist planned by the mastermind “Professor” (one of the characters of the play). He planned to accomplish the biggest heist ever in history.

Bella Ciao

Characters Of Season


The mastermind behind the heist. He planned to carry out the greatest heist in the heist and to print millions and billions of dollars in the royal mint of Spain. His real name in the drama is “Sergio Marquina” but he is known as the professor in the heist. Professor conscripts eight people for the heist. All of them are adroit and always ready to face.


Silene Oliviera also is known as Tokyo, is a reckless, hot-headed, and brave character of the play. She is also the narrator of the heist. She has a very spontaneous nature and acts before even thinking that makes her regret afterward.


She is one of the main characters of “money heist”, Nairobi is a sensible and clever character. Nairobi was the leader in the royal mint of Spain and helped in the management of the printing of money. She had good friendly relations with Tokyo. Nairobi also had a son. She is a bold lady with leadership skills.


Berlin was in a relationship with one of the hostages, Adriana. He has a narcotic, cold, and disturbing personality. He was ill and decided to sacrifice his and her girlfriend’s life during the escape from the mint of Spain.


Daniel Ramos also known as Denver is the main character of the heist. He is hot-headed yet soft-hearted too. Denver helps the hostages and takes good care of them. He falls in love with one of the hostages, “Monica Gaztambide”. They get married and had a cute baby “Cincinnati”. Monica joins the heist gang for the next heist.


Rio was in a relationship with Tokyo. Anibal Cortes is also is known as Rio. He is an IT expert. Rio and Tokyo’s relationship affects the heist badly due to their behavior and impulsive action. Rio was captured by the authorities and was badly tortured by one of the police officers, Alicia Sierra. However, he was brought back by the professor’s plan.

Raquel Murillo:

She is the In-Charge of the national cops of Spain. Raquel is known as “inspector” in the play. She falls in love with Sergio and later finds that he is the mastermind behind the heist. However, she decides to join his gang for the sake of her love. She is a divorcee and has a mother and a daughter.

Plot Of The Season: Money Heist Insights

money heist insights

The professor hires a team of 8 skilled men, who are always ready to fight. They plan a heist under the leadership of professor. They dress in red jumpsuits with Dali masks. The group of robbers takes over the royal mint of Spain with 67(sixty-seven) hostages. They use the hostages as negotiation against the cops. They print the money inside the mint of Spain and escape according to the professor’s plan.
However, after the escape, Rio is caught by the police. To get Rio back, the professor plans another heist but this time in the bank of Spain. The drama is on air and viewers can’t get over it already.

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