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Oppo mobiles in Pakistan

Oppo formally propelled its new items under the well-known “F series”, the “F11 Pro” and “F11”, on sixteenth April in Karachi. Oppo F11 Pro’s first deal began from twentieth April Saturday all over Pakistan at a reasonable cost of Rs. 54,999. Oppo F11 Pro First Sale Day broke all the past deals record held by the brand. Customer Support Hotline Number 080006776 of Oppo mobiles in Pakistan.

  1. Oppo F11 Pro is the organization’s endeavor to give a top-quality camera to its clients. 
  1. 16 MP Front Camera and the cell sports a 48+5 MP Dual Rear Camera which makes taking pictures a flat out treat.  
  1. The AI programming accessible in the handset for picture recognition handling and enhancement alongside Color Mapping 2.0 and Ultra Clear Night View 2.0, permits the client to have the option to take top notch pictures in a moment click. 
Oppo mobiles

10 Best Oppo mobiles in Pakistan 


Rs / 34999 

RAM / 4GB 

Storage / 128GB 

Rating / 3.3 

Oppo A31 

Rs / 29999  

RAM / 4GB 

Storage /128GB 

Rating / 3.7 

Oppo A12e  

Rs / 19999 

RAM / 3GB 

Storage / 64GB 

Rating / 4 

Oppo A12 

Rs / 24999 

RAM / 4GB 

Storage / 64GB 

Rating / 2.3 

Oppo Reno 3 Pro 

Rs / 64999 

RAM / 8GB 

Storage / 256 GB 

Rating / 3.8 

Oppo Reno 3 

Rs / 59999 

RAM / 8GB 

Storage / 128GB 

Rating / 4.6 

Oppo A5 2020 64 GB 

Rs / 27999 

RAM / 3 GB 

Storage / 64 GB 

Rating / 4.6 

Oppo A5 2020 

Rs / 31999 

RAM / 4GB 

Storage / 128 GB 

Rating / 4.2 

Oppo A9 2020 

Rs / 39999 

RAM / 8 GB 

Storage / 128 GB 

Rating / 3.9 

Oppo A5s 2GB 

Rs / 19999 

RAM / 2 GB 

Storage / 32 GB 

Rating / 4.1 

Latest 10 Models of Oppo Smartphone’s 2020 

  1. Oppo A11 64GB 4GB 
    Rs. 31,000/- 
  1. Oppo A11 128GB 4GB 
    Rs. 37,000/- 
  1. Oppo A11 256GB 6GB 
    Rs. 43,000/- 
  1. Oppo K5 128GB 6GB 
    Rs. 47,000/- 
  1. Oppo K5 256GB 8GB 
    Rs. 54,000/- 
  1. Oppo Reno Ace 128GB 8GB 
    Rs. 83,000/- 
  1. Oppo Reno Ace 256GB 12GB 
    Rs. 96,000/- 
  1. Reno Z 256GB 8GB 
    Rs. 75,000/- 
  1. Oppo Find X Lamborghini 512GB 8GB 
    Rs. 145,000/- 
  1. Oppo F7 Youth 64GB 4GB 
    Rs. 27,900/- 
  1. Oppo Find X 256GB 8GB 
    Rs. 119,000/- 
  1. Oppo Find X 128GB 8GB 
    Rs. 110,000/- 

Best Oppo phones 2020 

  1. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. 
  1. Oppo Reno. 
  1. Oppo K3. 
  1. Oppo F11 Pro 
  1. Oppo F15. 
  1. Oppo A9 (2020) 
  1. Oppo Reno2. 
  1. Oppo Reno2 Z. 
  1. Oppo RX17 Pro. 
  1. Oppo Find X. 

Which oppo phone is best under 20,000 in Pakistan? 

Oppo A3s. Rs. 18,999. 

Oppo A71. Rs. 19,899. 

Oppo A71 2018. Rs. 17,999. 

Oppo A37. Rs. 17,999. 

Oppo A12e. Rs. 19,999. 

Oppo A5s 2GB. Rs. 19,999. 

Oppo A1K. Rs. 16,999. 

Are Oppo mobiles long lasting 

We all realize that oppo and Xiaomi offers incredible particulars at a lot lesser cost when contrasted with Apple and Samsung. They deal with that cost by purchasing 2-3 level hardware and utilizations hardware that doesn’t meet all requirements for level 1 specifications. Thus, the item has a greatest existence of 2–3 years. OLX provides the best range of Oppo mobiles.

Oppo mobile battery life 

Battery life is the Oppo RX17 Pro’s champion element. The handset has two 1,850mAh batteries, carrying an aggregate of 3,700mAh to the gathering. These conveyed a great 10 hours 37 minutes of life from a full charge, for a Geekbench battery benchmark score of 6370. 

 Fix Oppo battery problems 

Change its settings on a cell phone. 

In settings click on the Battery screen option. 

On the Battery screen, tap the button menu. 

Click “Battery saver.” 

To manually allow Battery Saver mode, visit the Saver screen of battery. 

Toggle the option in Saver mode of battery. 

Why Oppo battery draining so fast? 

Reduce the Screen Brightness of Device. If the screen brightness is at high level, the cell battery will be reduced quickly. So, attempt to utilize your cell in a low brilliance which will spare both eyes just as the battery life of your cell. 

Is it safe to charge oppo overnight?  

Yes, it’s protected to leave OPPO phones connected to the charger short-term since the cell will consequently quit charging when it’s completely charged. This won’t harm the battery or lessen its life expectancy. 

How to test my Oppo screen?  

You can essentially dial the code “*#808#” to check Oppo Touch Screen alongside other equipment like RAM, LCD, CPU and other phone chips. By this you can play out an Oppo display check. 

8 Oppo mobiles with good battery 

 4001 to 5000 mAh Battery Mobile 

  1. OPPO Reno 3 Rs. 59999. 
  1. OPPO A3s 3GB Rs. 24999. 
  1. OPPO A5s 4GB Rs. 29999. 
  1. OPPO A5s 2GB Rs. 19999. 
  1. OPPO A5 2020 64GB Rs. 27999. 
  1. OPPO A12e Rs. 19999. 
  1. OPPO A31 Rs. 29999. 
  1. OPPO Reno 3 Pro Rs. 64999. 

Instalment plan of Oppo mobile 2020 

Simple Monthly Instalment Plans (EMI) of Oppo Mobiles Phones at Lowest Price in Pakistan is Rs. Rs. 16,990. Oppo Smartphone Installment Plans begins from Rs. 1,416 every month. 

Oppo mobile jobs 

Oppo mobiles

Vacant Positions in Oppo mobiles in Pakistan available jobs 2020. 

  1. Finance Manager 
  1. PR Manager 
  1. Social Media Manager 
  1. Sales Officer 
  1. Graphic Designer 
  1. Business Manager 
  1. Advertising Manager 
  1. Marketing Manager 
  1. Training Manager 
  1. Branding Manager 
  1. Accountant 

Not TA/DA will be given for any interview or test 

Jobs posting will be in your nearest city. 

On oppo mobile E-mail Address at [email protected], candidates can send Latest CV 

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Oppo vs Samsung 

SAMSUNG gives excellent AMOLED screen in telephones. While OPPO do not have this unique element. Oppo 12MP will truly work like Samsung 5MP to 8MP as it were.  Oppo 4GB RAM = Samsung 2GB RAM. 

Picture result of Oppo vs Vivo 

 Oppo F7 has a solitary back camera and the Vivo V9 has a vertical double camera in the back. The oversaturation is pessimist considering the Vivo cell phone has a double camera arrangement. Vivo’s the optional sensor is 5MP and the optional sensor is 5MP. 

why should we buy Oppo mobile? 

Oppo phones return with a normal camera and a conventional selfie camera. You can discover much better cameras in different brands of phones with a similar cost, yet with same prizes. On the off chance that you believe that the camera quality is their USP, and should purchase Oppo phones thus, at that point one should realize that it’s simply average. 


One disadvantages that Oppo mobiles has that the phones are once in a while estimated truly high and all things considered one may go for Vivo given a decision between the two. No big surprise Vivo in recent kicked Samsung and packed away the second position in the most desirable brand of the year after Xiaomi in India. Contact us for more information, leave a message here. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST.

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