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Coronavirus is basically a virus, it causes respiratory infections in mammals and birds. This virus causes the cold which can be mild at the start and then turns to rare form such as SARS.
Coronavirus is detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, the city in China and it is still affecting 1,300 people in February 2020. Six cities in China have been affected by this disease. Because of its contagiousness state, it is getting worse day by day for the humans.

Coronavirus captures the world

Cause Of Coronavirus :

The main cause of coronavirus is killing the animals live and selling them on the street, leaving the unhygienic things on the streets.
Coronavirus is spreading day by day by contacting people having it. Humans can get coronavirus by contracting directly with the animals which hold these viruses inside themselves such as bats, snakes, lizards, and crocodiles. It is considered as it is coming from wild animals, though it is not confirmed yet.
Coronavirus can be caused by contacting another person bodily or get the droplets of cough through the mouth. Coronavirus can also be transferred if an infected person touches something and the other person touches the same thing and then touches his nose, eyes or mouth.
It is necessary to beware of the infected person and try to keep distance as much as u can.

How To Diagnose Coronavirus?


Coronavirus has some symptoms to diagnose. If you have the following symptoms then you need not neglect it.
1. Mild fever
2. Mild flu or a runny nose
3. You may feel difficult to breathe properly
4. A continuous headache
5. Sore throat
If you find any of these symptoms you need to consult a doctor and before visiting your doctor, it’s better to inform him that why are you visiting him or her.

Treatment of Coronavirus :

Currently, there is no treatment for coronavirus. Teams of doctors from the globe trying hard to find the treatment of the coronavirus. If you are infected by a coronavirus then you need to stay at home and drink plenty of water and also take rest as much as you can. You also need to avoid contacting the people to keep them safe from this infection.

Prevention !

Till today there are no vaccines are available to get the cure of coronavirus, all you can do is to follow the giving steps to reduce the risk factor of this virus.
You need to wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic soaps or you can use alcoholic hand sanitizers.
When you feel like coughing or sneezing, you need to cover your mouth with a tissue or any cloth.
If your hands are not clean then kindly avoid touching your eyes and nose.
Suppose that the other person is sick you need to avoid contacting that person so closely.
If you are sick then avoid sharing your bed, dishes, glasses and other household things.
If you sick, stay at home and work from home.
Keep your home clean and wash the things again and again that you are using thoroughly.


There are some more prevention that are advised by WHO.
Contact your doctor if you have any kind of infections like coughing, flu, fever or breathing issues. And also inform your doctor about your last visit to any other country (if you did).
Avoid undercooked food or animal organs.
If you are visiting the live markets then avoid contacting the live animals and the places they may have touched before.


Coronavirus is one of the dangerous viruses that is causing harm to humans. The whole globe is worried about the treatment of it. People who get affected by it, are actually serving their lives. We are hoping to see the quick vaccination for this virus. We are losing people here and watching our neighbors country fighting with this life taking virus.

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