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Plasma Donation Become Filthy Business|Donors Charging Huge Money For 1 Bag |

‘CO’ represents corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for ailment/disease. Once, this sickness was alluded to as ‘2019 novel COVID-19. The virus is another infection connected to a similar group of disease as a few kinds of normal virus and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). And now humanity losses as a possible solutions Plasma Donation Become Filthy Business.

COVID-19 has comprehensively stuck Pakistan and its economy. The nation is seeing a fast growth in COVID-19 deaths and cases. As there is no affirmed remedy for the destructive infection, specialists are depending on a hundred-year-old gaining strength plasma treatment to heal the patients. Numerous reports are guaranteeing that specific individuals are donating blood plasma in Pakistan and charging huge.

Plasma Donation

Plasma treatment 

In Pakistan Dr. Tahir Shamsi is the pioneer of Convalescent plasma treatment. In this treatment, a blood plasma of recuperated Covid-19 patient is given to a COVID-19 individual. Along these lines, the patient creates antibodies against the illness; this is additionally called passive immunity. 

Tragically, numerous people in Pakistan are selling blood plasma. According to a few internet based life posts, certain individuals are selling Convalescent plasma at a costly cost. 

Plasma in different cities 

COVID-19 persistent is expanding step by step in Faisalabad and Pakistan and the injections of virus isn’t moderate at everybody the costs of injections is up to 6 lac and individuals deal out the plasma in 2 lacs in some places. 

In Islamabad and Peshawar people are selling their blood plasma for lacs and even up to 1 million. I’m surprised how might somebody even think about this after dealing with this sort of a death-dealing infection. 

Who Are Paying The Most For Plasma? (Plasma Donation Become Filthy Business)

Plasma donation

People are making money by donating plasma 

  1. Biotest Plasma – Earn $45 per donation. … 
  1. BPL Plasma – Earn up to $300/mo. … 
  1. KEDPLASMA – Earn up to $300/mo. 
  1. Biotest Plasma – Earn $45 per donation. … 
  1. BPL Plasma – Earn up to $300/mo. … 
  1. KEDPLASMA – Earn up to $300/mo. 

Reasons You Can’t Donate Plasma 

If you have  

  1.  Recently treated with antibiotics 
  1.  Don’t weigh enough 
  1.  A new sexual partner 
  1.  A recent piercing or tattoo 
  1.  A bad cold or the flu 

Is It Safe To Donate Plasma? 


Plasma Donation

A process of donating a plasma is mostly safe, yet symptoms do exist. Plasma is a segment of your blood. Donate plasma can cause normal however typically minor reactions like lack of weariness and hydration. Genuine response may happen also, in spite of the fact that these are uncommon. For pakistan and Worldwide COVID-19 situation details visit covid.gov.pk

Islamic standards 

Doctors are saving many lives using plasma donation technique. A few people in Pakistan have arrived at the degree of insensitive primitive creatures. Islamic standards although drive the nation,but some individual are doing absolutely inverse, Besides, Islam is all about helping other people, and saving lives on one individual resembles saving the entire mankind; these kinds of sick mind people value cash more than Islam and humankind. Covid 19 Plasma Donors Charging Huge Money can’t accept that individuals have made business out of plasma-with-antibodies-against #COVID19 in Pakistan, please be human. In such cold-hearted societies disaster is no new phenomenon. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020 

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has spoken to the people of nation about Covid 19, be solicited the source from the cash and will likewise be given tax incentives. President of Pakistan took to twitter on Wednesday engaging the donation. “Prime Ministers COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020” has been set up to assist us with battling and face this pandemic. 

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