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COVID-19 Plasma Sale in Pakistan: Inhumane Act of Society

It is obvious to donate Blood Plasma, as a recovered COVID-19 patient. Helping others in these difficult times is inevitable. But in Pakistan, some criminally minded people are selling their Plasma. It is like they are running a grocery store or something. Physicians suggest Plasma therapy for the treatment of Corona patients. But what a shame as a nation that we are doing business over it as well.

Plasma Sale in Pakistan

What is Passive Immunization/ Plasma Therapy???

Passive immunization is a treatment of transfusion of blood plasma. Blood plasma of recovered patients is transmitted into the blood of the patient. Antibodies are developed in the blood of a recovered COVID-19 person. Later these antibodies start working in the body of the patient. Ultimately, the antibodies start working against the active virus and help the patient recover more quickly. Doctors suggest Passive immunization only in critical situations. If there is a matter of life and death of a patient or to the people with lower immunity.


When Reality Hits You Harder

I was just scrolling my Facebook newsfeed a few days ago and one of my friends have shared a post about someone selling his Plasma in 1 lac and 20 thousand. I did not believe it at first. Then I came across my twitter news feed and it was full about that grimy business of Plasma sale. People are selling their plasma worth 0.8M or even 1M, justifying it with so many excuses. Although people sell their Plasma for medication purposes to the laboratories and medicine companies for the treatment of chronic diseases.
Today (14th, June-20), I saw a news strip in the main bulletin on GEO TV, Dr. Javed Akram (VC University of Health Sciences) was condemning the sale of Blood Plasma by recovered COVID-19 patients. He was of the view that UHS is providing Blood Plasma for treatment of COVID-19 patients free of cost, and only on the physician’s request. Even I saw a comment on YouTube, under Dr. Tahir Shamsi’s press conference on donating Blood Plasma “why do we donate our blood plasma for free as we are not recovered for free, we have paid money to the hospitals for our treatment.

Plasma Sale

Why Society Have Become This Much Brutal:

Any person who has a vision will think once about this type of inhumane behavior of society. Why this barbaric act is happening in our society, while we are already on the verge of war with this pandemic. The answer to this question lies within us, we lack humanity and have become self-centered that we only think of ourselves or money. We have forgotten that we are being called “Ashraful Makhlukat” in the Quran (i.e. noblest of all creatures).
In these hard times, we must come forward and join hands to serve humanity at every level. One must not think, whether there is any benefit for me or my family. Donating blood plasma for free is a noble cause indeed.
So, we must come forward to save the whole of humanity before it is too late.

Some Suggestions for the Government of Pakistan:

⦁As data is being generated at every level, hospital management must take an oath from the recovered patients of COVID-19 that they will donate their plasma when the government will ask them.
⦁The written agreement must be taken from their families as well, that they will not donate their plasma until the donation is official (i.e. only asked by the government officials).
⦁The agreement must also contain a point that they will bring in government notice if someone asks them to donate their plasma in exchange for money.
⦁Further, it is the responsibility of the hospital authorities to arrange the Plasma for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Do remember sharing is caring, so share your plasma to save someone.

Iqra Tariq
Iqra Tariq is an analyst and a beginner in the field of writing. An enthusiastic girl who is willing to learn and grow. Her world revolves around her mother and her little angel.


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