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Social Media Group: A group where we all pretend it’s 2021 and it’s all good.

As we all know 2020 has proven to be the worst time of our lives. This year is a nightmare for all of us. It has brought a lot of fatal and detrimental events in our lives. It has been severely affected by COVID-19 which has resulted in the social, economic, and educational disruption.

As a result of this COVID-19 attack, a lot of people lost their jobs. They lost their families. The loss is irreparable. Another dreadful event that took place in 2020 is a PIA 8303 plane crash. This heart-wrenching crash happened just before 2 days of Eid-ul-Fitr. Passengers were traveling from Lahore to Karachi in the afternoon to gather with their families for Eid. Instead of reuniting with their families, they met their creator and went straight to heaven.

There are a lot of more fatal events that took place during this time; however, people are looking forward to a good time ahead.

Let’s pretend its 2021 and everything’s good

After going through this pandemic and all the harsh stuff, people are now pretending and hoping that everything gets better by 2021.

This group on Facebook; called “A group where we all pretend its 2021 and it’s all good”, people post all the positive vibes on this group. They post all the aspects of what they want this world to be like. A world free of cruelty, a world without hatred, without misogynistic man, without extremism and racism.

In this group people post their views about a perfect world, they try to bring up the world they would like to see in the upcoming years. Some common aspects of people include the following:

  • Hatred free world:  We pretend that there is no hate among people, instead, humanity wins. We finally get rid of the manipulators who know exactly which string to pull in order to get what they want. Why hatred, what will anyone get out of it? Love and caring is the way through.
  • A judgemental free world: Who likes to be judged or criticized? No one of course. People are looking forward to 2021 for being a year where people stop judging each other based on their weight, complexion in fact regarding any characteristic. We, being human beings are no one to judge anyone. Because even we are not perfect. Every person is flawed. Spread love and respect for each other.
  • Breaking the stereotypes: People profess that by 2021, they want a world where women are not only confined to the kitchen and house chores instead, they are equally capable of doing jobs and running their own business. We hope 2021 is a year when women are not forced to get married instead, they’re given an option to choose their own life partner and to decide when they want to get married.
  • Racism vanishes: We hope that by 2020 skin color is not the standard of beauty and everybody has finally understood that every color is beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own shade.
  • Your life, your rules: People are eagerly anticipating for a time where they could live their lives according to their will instead of pleasing others. People finally stop judging each other and they are living a life just as they want.
  • The unsung warrior- MEN:  We believe in a world where men are not underrated. Every effort of them is appreciated instead of neglecting it by saying “It’s their responsibility”. I hope we realize in the upcoming days that men including our father, brothers, and husbands are sacrificing their wants for us. We’re excited about a time when men won’t be judged for crying and expressing out their feelings.
  • A soldier in itself- WOMEN: Women are indeed stronger than any creature in this world. They’re considered no less than a soldier. We pretend there is a time when women working for their passion are not considered to be cold-hearted and disrespected. People finally accept the fact that women are capable of managing everything at once. Looking forward to a time when women are raised to select their own career, own lifestyle, and their own life partner.
  • EQUALITY not FEMINISM: Islam has provided women with their rights. Islam considers women and men to be equal except on the account of their deeds. We, humans, have defrauded women’s rights. Let’s accept the fact that women are equally competent to men in any aspect; be it working, driving, or anything. The right to ask is equality. However, feminism is not appreciated.
  • Menstruation is no more a taboo in society: Women are free to be pretending that they are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan because this privilege is given to them by their God, so who are we to make her embarrassed about it. The medical condition regarding women has also been discussed in the Quran and has not to be hidden, we look forward to a time when menstruation is considered normal for women. And why to highlight this? It is in the body and we can not argue. I think women should tell it is refining, the bad blood comes out and regenerates.
  • The rules influencer- SOCIETY:  2021 is considered to be a time when we are the rule maker for ourselves instead of following what society has made for us. We predict a world where we run after ourselves instead of running behind the society. I hope we appreciate ourselves in the upcoming year and found what we lost- Ourselves. I do not understand the point of why this society makes us do things even we don’t want to. This includes marriage matters and also the basics. Sometimes married couples also think do they need a child or that society wants. Do students need to get full grades to work or learn or is it social pressure?
  • Transgenders are given equal rights: This is a better situation in some parts of the world, but here in Pakistan it is getting worse. We don’t educate them, we throw them out on the streets and behave even worse than animals. With no education, nothing to eat, nowhere to go, and running from the evil meat-eaters in the shape of men who just want to enjoy and abuse their body.
  • Marriage is no longer burning of money: People now are using their brains and getting married in the right way. Saving huge amounts and then investing them in the right direction by enjoying a loving carefree life.
  • Stop asking can you cook or Are you Stable: What is the point of a wedding if you are only accepting positive things. Cooking can be taught and cooking can be learned together. Financial stability can come with time and also both can invest in the right order. What this stability and cooking flaws leave is the pure, loving, most precious time together. That is the time when people understand each other to the soul level. using hashtags are easy, but converting them isn’t.

This group has given some relief to people from the toxic world. People hope and dream, and those things are dreamed will surely one day come to life. You all should join the group on Facebook as A Group Where We All Pretend To Be In 2021 And It’s All Good ❤️

Laeeba Jawed
The writer is by nature a dreamer. A 19 year old, student of computer science who’s passionate about writing. I love to pen down things that I admire. Trying to learn and write. A reader and a writer, love to spend my time discovering new stuff.


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