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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death shocked everyone, as it’s an unexpected loss and nobody was aware of his mental illness. The suicidal attempt of Sushant Singh made his family and fans sad. It was heart-wrenching news for his friends and co-workers as well.  Sushant Singh Rajput was a well known Indian actor, he started his career from dramas and soon won an award. He won the hearts of people through his great performances and good looks. He was starred in movies, which were liked and appreciated by the viewers. Acted recently in movie chhichore and also played the role of MS Dhoni, the untold story. This biopic was a big hit, he really got popular in a very short period. Sushant Singh Rajput’s death’s news was heard today on 14th June 2020. It’s said that he had been fighting a battle with his depression and mental health. He had not been fine for the past few years, Indian polices suspected that it was self-destruction, Sushant Singh hanged himself to death in Bandra, Mumbai, he was found dead at his home in Bandra, nobody knows how long have been suffering and how this thing became so unbearable for him that it compelled him to commit suicide. Nobody was there to help him out. It’s spoken that he had been depressed and couldn’t cope up with his mental illness. It made everyone feel unhappy and grievous. Sushant Singh’s former manager had also experienced a tragic death a few days ago. Disha Salian, his manger fell off a huge and high building at Malad in Mumbai, this happened on 8th June 2020, she was young and 28 years old. Sushant Singh was a brilliant Film star, he portrayed every character tremendously, he had a huge fan following, he had Pakistani fans as well. He was a rising star but his dreams remained untrue. Everyone is shocked to hear this sudden and unfair demise, as he passed too soon at the age of 34. His team told his fans to celebrate his memories and pray for him. 

Sushant Singh Rajput

People’s reaction

On Sushant Singh’s death, people has paid their sincere condolences and felt sorry for the great loss. Friends and family made maximum prayers for him and his family that May Almighty give strength and patience to bear this tragedy. His co-workers recalled his beautiful memories with them. On the other hand Muslims started debating on not to write RIP on his death because he was a non Muslim and worshipped idols. No doubt it’s a big discussion but being a human we should just ignore this issue and Let Allah do his job. He’s best of the planners and he does the great judgment. We can’t decide how this departed soul would be feeling and what he will be facing today, Allah knows the conditions of deceased ones. We should pray for the family of deceased actor. We’re no one to give remarks. Our only responsibility is to respect the departed soul. Allah loves the one who does good. It’s better for us not to speak bad but to become a support for those who face depression.

Narendra Modi pays condolence.


Most of the people have medical support but many are fighting alone with this depression, depression kills humans internally first and then takes death. Depression has become a major health problem. It eats human mental health, our duty is to provide an environment to those who are in trouble. Being a human it’s our responsibility to talk and discuss and don’t let our friends stay alone. We should provide a comfort level to everyone so people can speak their heart out. When people do not share things when there’s no one to understand them they overthink and make themselves ill. This illness grows gradually and kills the person. We should start understanding people when someone stays away and does not seem to be social we should ask the reasons. We do not know what’s taking them away from society. Depression stimulates physical and emotional problems and due to this people start losing interest in other activities. People take antidepressant but human support is important. We should make our society so flexible and less complicated so people don’t dare to kill themselves.

Death Of Sushant Singh Rajput

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