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The A-Z of Goal Setting

Life without goals is like a ship that has no rudder. Life itself is the name of struggle, without struggle, there is no life. The majority of people focus on their degrees and careers, neglecting the real purpose of their life. There are some people out there who decide to be doctors one day and prefer to be engineers the next day. Such people are the jack of all trades but master of none. All you need to do is actually make yourself. Sit at a place and ask yourself what you want to do to your life.

Are your goals too vague?

The reason why I asked this is maybe one of your goals is to get fit. Now when you say that, do you mean as fit as Kylie Jenner, as fit as Cristiano Ronaldo or you want to have an athletic body! Becoming more specific about your goals means you’re more likely to understand how much planning is involved in terms of resources, time, opportunities, and how you’re going to make fit in an incredibly busy week.

The A-Z of Goal Setting

Try to make your goals as specific as possible, there must be a vigilant track in front of you. Be as specific and concrete as you can, the clearer the goal is, the more motivated you’ll be to achieve that goal and remember motivation increases with clarity. Make your decisions in a broader spectrum and make them as clear as possible.

Art of making Decisions(Goals In Life)

Let’s start with our brain, I mean it’s kinda toolbox for us. Evolution prepared us for four million years and what do we people do, we watch Netflix seasons all the day long. It’s sad but it’s true. Right! The only thing you’ve to do is to take responsibility of your own mind, your own decisions. Making no decision is still a decision, this means you’re allowing someone else to make the decision for you. First of all, get to know yourself, who you are, what you want and how to get it. Every person has different values and different priorities.

The A-Z of Goal Setting

Today we confront a vast majority of options, way too many. It’s totally up to us what we want to do or what we want in our lives but we’ve been paralyzed with this constant dilemma of choices. Emotions have a huge impact on the whole decision-making process. Train your brain under stressful conditions by leaving your comfort zone. And try starting out some new stuff and do act on these small changes constantly.

Hang out with the Right People

One of the best way to change your life is to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. It makes you feel uncomfortable to watch them grow or making progress at a much higher level than you. Often times you surround yourself with people who are growing at lower level than you because it makes you feel more confident and good about you but at this point, your growing process ceases. You really need to find such people that spur you to raise your standards.

Goals In Life

I am not asking you to cut such people off from your life but you should put up some limitations because if you don’t get the wrong people out of your life, you never meet the right ones. The people you hang out with need to be happy, consistent, determined and responsible that move you towards your destination.  

Implementation Of Goal(Goals In Life)

Some people just become too focused on their ultimate goal. They don’t even realize that they are doing actually nothing to achieve it. Make yourself feel uncomfortable by changing your daily routine. Make minor changes in your behavior and your attitude towards your destination. Turn your plans and strategies into action. For example, you say I wanna lose 10 pounds by the end of the year, then you’re responsible for your

Goals In Life

actions. You control the amount of food you’re eating, you control how much exercise you do, you control how you feel about the way you are! You could either feel miserable or deprived, like Oh my god! It’s the worst feeling in the world, I’m eating lesser than I used to, I’m starving all the time or you could say you know what I’m proud of myself, I’ve altered my habits and have better control on my nerves now. Put simply, you must have an action plan to pursue your goal.

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Alizay Iqbal
Just a brown girl who pushes her brain to think longer, deeper, and more unconventionally than it normally would and expresses those thoughts into words to communicate with the world.



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