I hope, we come out from this pandemic very soon, it’s an unexpected reality we have been facing that’s effecting globally. We are seeking help from Allah, he’ll make a way soon In Sha Allah. You’ll read things to do in quarantine in this blog.

We all have been in lockdown sitting at homes. We’re not meeting our friends, relatives and obviously not going out or visiting our favorite places. We are strictly told to be isolated and take precautionary measures for our safety.

Undoubtedly it’s difficult for us to stay at home for so long with the fear of the virus. 
At this time there are so many people who are doing productive things and some are on their beds. What I’ve thought to do is a big list. I’ll share the best things to do in the quarantine days that will strike your boredom and work on yourselves as well. I don’t know how many of you are sleeping early and how many are night owls like me. but yeah, you all can adjust activities according to your sleep/wake cycle.

Things to do in quarantine


We all know offering prayer is not mandatory on the bad days only, it’s an obligation. but in our busiest days, we make excuses that we have workload, we miss prayer because of our university lectures, we couldn’t pray as we are exhausted. Now you don’t have any excuse to skip prayer. You can pray and you must pray, Staying in ablution will cope with the illness as well keep praying, make a good connection with God as our souls will be returned to him.

things to do in self quarantine


Go in the kitchen make anything you like, if you don’t like cooking help your sisters and mothers in kitchen. Most of the people love eating but don’t show heed to cooking. So all the foodies out there can help in the making, cutting and washing. And those who cook well are welcomed to the kitchen. Try smoothies, drinks, shakes and some healthy food to boost up your body’s immunity. Make some fancy food twice a week and enjoy.

things to do in self quarantine


We can’t say no to online reads and books right now because we can’t go out to buy or borrow if you feel like reading, take a book if you have any, if you can’t read a book, read blogs written on your liked genre from the internet, read storybooks if you can’t handle detailed and lengthy novels. Make a small diary start writing on any topic. You can take tips from youtube or make an account on any app such as WordPress where you can pour in your thoughts, it’s an learning opportunity and best thing to do in quarantine.


things to do in self quarantine

After offering prayer, open Quran Shareef and recite 2-3 pages at a time, if your speed is good you can read the whole parah, but reciting it daily should be on your list. Remember it’s the best time to be better, the resurrection will come anyway.


things to do in self quarantine

You don’t have workload right now, you don’t have to wait for Sunday to spend family time. Everyday is yours, sit with your parents specially, talk to them and show some love and respect. Help your wife in doing home chores,  help your kids in learning, play with them. Eat with your siblings and make fun, this is one of the most beautiful things to do in quarantine.


Make calls to your friends whom you have not talked, ask how they are doing in their lives. Message to those as well, who had have grudges, start spreading love.Let go of your ego. Stay positive and pray for your loved ones.


Turn on your music, lock yourself in a room and start doing exercise if you don’t know the postures and steps download any fitness app.
To stay active do yoga and feel relax.
Burn your calories by drinking plenty of water in a day, it will also fight with the virus.


Make changes around you, do home make over  change the setting of you room, do crafting if you have all supplies or make it from the leftovers. Paint, if it’s your hobby or if you’re unable to do this, learn it. You can order supplies if anyone is providing. Paint, sketch and craft in your spare time.

things to do in self quarantine


Spend time in watching moral giving movies, don’t become addicted to it. So when there’s nothing left. You can watch Islamic Narrations and increase your knowledge.


If you have a sewing machine and you know how to stitch, give time to it. In these summer days stitch some shirts from old light cloth that you can wear at home. You don’t need to be perfect, as nobody is coming to your home. feel free to wear it. Clean your Chester drawers and cupboards and rearrange your stuff. Clean one room in a day and scrub your walls. Go to your kitchen, clean all the cabinets set them and make small chits for labeling Condiments’ name, kids will learn it as well.

These were the finest things to do in quarantine. Most of you have been doing all these things, there is nothing new but it’s for those who are still thinking about what things to do in quarantine days.
While following these things, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your family members. Maintain social distancing and pray a lot.

Syeda Areeba
When you cope with the battles of life you gain power, confidence and courage to look forward, always help yourself to become able to help others, i'm passionate to learn and write, actually sincere with everything i do.


  1. […] At the moment we do not need to worry about it at all. All, we need to do is focus on the Corona Pandemic disease. This pandemic has hit us very hard and humanity is shattered in us all, we all are now caring for ourselves. We also need to think about others in this situation. Also, we need to pass a good time. So here are some tips for remaining healthy in quarantine and here are some ideas for passing quality time in quarantine. […]


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