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4 Tips To Sleep Better | The Guidance You Need |

Do you worry about going to bed, because you know that you’ll not be able to sleep? Worry about all the negative things, that either concern you, or not, will keep popping up in your mind? Minds of people who cannot sleep become a jumble in which unnecessary thoughts keep coming and going. The worse thing is, the more you worry about not sleeping, the lesser the chances that you’ll not sleep. What to do? Here are some Tips To Sleep Better

According to research, we must sleep for at least 6 hours each day. Sleeping less than 6 hours a day has devastating and drastic effects on your mental and physical health.

It leads to:
The weakening of the immune system
Backbone problems 
Skin related issues

Here are some tips that will help you through this for sure.

Make yourself physically exhausted (Tips To Sleep Better)


 Research shows that people who work hard during the day tend to sleep well at night because they are so tired that they don’t even bother to think about something before sleep.
When you are physically tired and exhausted, all you need is a good night’s sleep. Whether you are swimming, gardening, cooking or working at a job, it doesn’t matter. Just involve yourself in some physical activity, it does wonders at night. 

It is a rule of nature that forces a person to sleep when he/she is tired. Once you are exhausted and tired, no matter how much will power you use, to avoid sleep. This is why even the men who happened to be on wars also slept at night. Imagine the tension and uncertainty during the war, it is unexplainable. Physical and mental fatigue made it irresistible for the warrior to avoid sleep.

Read something (Tips To Sleep Better)

read something

 Psychology says the main causes of insomnia are related to anxiety and depression. It is common among people who are worried and depressed every and then. Reading provides us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our thoughts. Additionally, it allows us to enter our minds and face our thoughts that we often try to escape. The mental health benefits of reading are outstanding.

Once we think over the stuff that’s going on, we tend to find answers or at least make a way out of it. Our mental capacity gets utilized when we read and as a result, we start to feel sleepy. Reading is one of the best-proven ways to improve the quality of sleep.


Tips to sleep better

 If you do not like to read, then try journaling. Writing something down on a piece of paper may seem unimportant yet the effects it carries are mind-blowing. At night, you may be carrying the workload and emotional distress you experienced all day long. Well, the trick here is to free your mind from all of those loads. Pick up a piece of paper and start writing freely instead of thinking about what to write, just write. Extricate all of your frustrations on that white piece of paper and free your mind. Don’t allow anything to be leftover in your thoughts.

An interesting thing is writing regularly, can improve your written communication and enhance it. Not everyone is effective in writing skills, but you may become the one among your colleagues who is good at writing.

Talk to a friend

Tips to sleep better

Making a call to a close friend or family member might be a good option when your mind is not ready to sleep.
Just make a call and start gossiping about anything in the world. After a while, you will find yourself sharing your insecurities with them. If not so, trust me, you will be in a much better place and will feel better than before. It may be possible that the other person is looking for someone to talk to. Well, in this case, calling them may be fruitful for both of you.
Talking to someone has substantial effects on your mental health. That is what the shrinks do during therapy. They sit silently and let you speak while observing and trying to understand your mental state and feelings.
Drawbacks of lack of sleep are horrible, making it necessary to sleep for 6 hours at least and live a healthy life. Every machine needs some rest while it is working, or else, it becomes obsolete.

Similarly, our brain works 24/7. It works even when we are asleep but a part of it rests. So, in order to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life, take care of your sleep. Sleep well.

Hunain Malik
Words have the potential to make or break, heal or harm and can also be a cause of hope or disguise. Hunain’s purpose in life is to give hope to people and make them see the brighter side of life by using his ability to write and articulate.



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