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Understanding Humanity


People are of two kinds, they are your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity.
Hazrat Ali (a.s)

Out of all the creatures of Allah, what is that one thing that differentiates humans from the other living beings? That’s humanity. But what does it actually mean? Is it just being human that makes you special? No. It’s not that simple.
It takes a lot of efforts and patience to actually stand out as a noble creature, to justify the terminology of ‘Ashraful makhluqaat’ that is used for humans.

We are born humans, that’s how we are biological. Just another mind-boggling creation of Allah, among uncountable others. Some might believe that our brain, giving us wisdom and emotions is the fundamental aspect that distinguishes us from the other creatures of Allah. That’s partially true. But how you use your brain and emotions is the key. It won’t be wrong saying humanity is actually what makes you recognize as a human being among other humans.

Humanity is spirituality. Its in the efforts you put in to actually be a human. But what are those efforts? What is that wisdom and emotions which make you witness the beauty of humanity?
Let’s dig in to find the answers;

Efforts of helping people in need – people usually do something for others only if they see their own benefit in it, or if they expect something in return. Sometimes it’s very easy for a person to refuse helping just because they were not helped before. Its the power of humanity that propels a person to serve their fellow humans selflessly and to give generously.
Giving your maid that extra day off, paying a little more to the rickshaw driver, helping someone cross road, removing an obstacle from the way, are a few examples that show humanity.

Emotions of unconditional love and compassion –  It might be natural for a person to love and care for someone who cares for them too, but the spirit of loving the creation of Allah unconditionally is what humanity entails. Sharing your meals with your neighbours, providing food and shelter for the poor, caring for the sick, and showing concern for even animals and protecting plants are all examples of humanity. 

The wisdom of not being judgemental– All humans are born with distinct personalities and have their own journey. They all go through different phases in their lives thus being molded diversely. It’s very mean to curse anyone for their mistakes or to simply judge a person for their choices in life. It’s always a good choice to accept people the way they are. Eliminating the negative emotions of hate, anger, and jealousy, lifting each other up, and being happy in other’s success and happiness is humanity.

People around the world have different religions, believes and faith. They belong to different races, and cultures. But what equates them to each other is humanity. This is what brings peace. Life will be beautiful if we see humanity as much as we see humans in the world.

Ibtehaj Haiderhttps://lettersvibe.online
Your vision is your depth and height. Words are the colors we add to our lives, some show grief but they are also essential.



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