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What To Do Next In Quarantine?

By hearing the word ‘quarantine’. A long list pops up in mind not to do like can’t attend or arrange concerts. You can’t go to school or college to meet friends. Activities on picnic points & tourist hot spots are ceased also cinemas, restaurants are shut down and yes, it’s all right! Self-quarantine is a prime action to ‘flatten the curve’ in a graph of positive cases but then… what to do next? We, here presenting many plans through which you can spend your quarantine.


Write a journal or blog

Preserve your feelings or memories about this time on paper. Because you’re actually living in a period that will learn & discuss for decades. As you have read so far about previous pandemics.

Meditate Yourself

What To Do Next In Quarantine?

To relieve stress & for healthy impact, go through meditation. By lying down straight with your closed eyes or 20 minutes sitting with cross legs.

There are 3 types of mindfulness meditation, come down with which you favor.

Become Skillful

Improve & learn some interpersonal skills for your betterment. Either you will start your career or have started like problem-solving, active listening, and listening skills. Effective communication skills can smartly develop in this free time.

Thinking Out Loud In Quarantine

Open up & widen your deep, bottomless thoughts in this quarantine period. One can think about the profound nature and creations of God. Especially humans, poor & necessitous around you that how their lives are shaped, how they are sustaining in a lockdown situation. Bid to feed them or join hands with different welfare organizations. Having the aim to lend a helping hand to suffered ones.

Be Creative

What To Do Next In Quarantine?

Pursue the idea of creativity which is something new & valuable formed or dramatically boost your creativity by Calligraphy, writing lyrics, plantation, or by quarantine drawings & sketches or self-portraits.

 Connect To History (What To Do Next In Quarantine?)

In usual, we always want to have a sense about the antiquity of our beloved Religion, beloved land or this dramatic universe and so no time… but now, time is here !

Develop Spirituality

Praise & be grateful to your divine Lord if in this hypercritical, over-strict situation you are bestowed by His blessings, affording the necessities by offering prayers and reciting Holy books as much as you can.

Develop Spirituality

Take Courses

Urge to groom yourself in this self-quarantine by earning some short online courses which would deliver you by video lectures, webinars, or textual documents for instance graphic designing, freelancing, creative writing, or typing speed tests.

 Dirt-free Your Environment (What To Do Next In Quarantine?)

Dirt-free Your Environment

Deeply clean or sterile your each & every corner of home and kitchen especially for not getting this novel virus or any other secondary infections. 

 Read, Play & Experiment Science

What do you know about science? Test your knowledge by playing science trivia games. Execute simple & fun science experiments using materials available at home and dive deeper into best scientific features & stories by reading.

Quarantine Poetry

Perhaps you can craft a ballad having aesthetic & rhythmic qualities of language for Mother’s Day or for the birthday, the special occasion of your loved one’s or something without a structure or can create a song.

Also read more about CoronaVirus here.

Aleena Zehra
Professionally a 'Microbiologist'. I love to help mankind that's why become an active social worker. Moreover, my strengths are my Attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, my way of thinking that I take both success and failure in a balance manner.. I don't like to say weakness but I like to say scope for improvement that is I won't leave any task incomplete, I believe in myself and my hard work and I want perfection in every thing. My ethic is "I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement".



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