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A Role Model |Zoha Malik Sher Continues The Record |

Zoha Malik Sher, a Pakistani girl who belongs to province Khyber Pakhtoonkhua passed the exam of Central superior services (CSS). She’s the youngest daughter of her parents, her family roots are from Haripur Hazara, KPK. But they reside in Rawalpindi these days. Malik Rafiq Awan, father of zoha malik brought up his five daughters including zoha. The inspiring news about zoha malik is now but”>trending but we must know that his other four elder daughters also passed CSS exam. This is surely an incredible story of five sisters who got succeeded in exam which is most the toughest exam in Pakistan.

Sher Sisters

Zoha Malik Sher’s four sisters are now officers of the federal government. Leila, Shireen, Sassi and Marvi already set an example for the nation but Zoha Malik also didn’t stay back to make her parents proud. Her four sisters have joined bureaucracy. The eldest one Leila Sher Malik, qualified the CSS exam in 2008. Now she serves as the Deputy Commissioner at the Board of Revenue in Karachi. Laila was 21 years old at that time, and then she became the youngest CSP officer in the history of Pakistan.

Moreover, Zoha Malik Sher’s other sister Shireen Malik cleared CSS in 2010. She’s now the Director of the National Highway Authority. After these two elder sisters, Sassi Malik and Marvi Malik also killed the CSS exam in the year 2017. Sassi Malik went for the CEO training course at Lahore Cantonment. She is serving as the deputy executive CEO Chaklala cantonment in Rawalpindi. Marvi has been serving as the Assistant Commissioner in Abbottabad. These daughters brilliantly made their parents proud. This is a rare achievement and a proud moment for Pakistan.

Zoha Malik Sher: Parent’s incalculable support

Malik Rafiq Awan, is a retired employee in water and power development authority (WAPDA) and his wife Khursheed begum is a housewife. Khursheed begum always stood for her daughters and never compromised for their education. These five sisters studied from government school, this is the same school from where Benazir Bhutto got her education. Khursheed begum said, education was her only priority she wanted to make her daughters well qualified and independent. She used to teach them at home and made them learn new things . Whenever her daughters got summer vacations she taught them syllabus of new standards. It became easy for her daughters when they went to new classes. This influential story of Zoha malik sher and her sisters gives us a life lesson that hard work and consistency towards our goals always pay off.

People’s reaction and comments

It’s true, beautiful destinations always challenge us and we face our hardest time to achieve our goals. Zoha malik sher and her sister are blessed to have such supportive parents. Her mother said when I gave birth to Zoha Malik Sher my relatives were not happy to hear this news as Zoha malik was my 5th daughter. And now when everyone heard the news that Zoha Malik sher passes CSS, we got calls from our friends and relatives. I received greetings from those who spoke bad and hurt our family when there was no son born in our family. Guest kept on coming after listening about the success of Zoha Malik, my house was full.

Fortunately, her daughters’ achievements had already shut mouths. Sadly, on the other hand, it does not matter how much mature and literate people we have in our society, but some people still have a typical mindset, that disturbs peace of a family. Their parents proudly said, five hundred sons are not equal to our five daughters. Their elder daughters are CSP officers. This is a motivating message to our nation as these five daughters have set a tremendous record. This success story is making Pakistan proud, we should celebrate and learn from this family that how education is ruling the world.

Heartiest Congratulations to Zoha Malik sher and her family. May Allah give them countless success. May we listen these kind of encouraging stories more in future. Also contact us and share what we should write.

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